Picture of Hobbit Hole Garden Planter
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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
Clearly when I needed a place to grow rosemary, this was the most logical approach...

You'll need:
A hanging basket liner (I used a coconut one)
Packet of Popsicle sticks
PVA glue
Brown and green paint
Mod podge (optional)
Heavy duty scissors
Potting mix
Decorative stones

Step 2: Building The Door

Picture of Building The Door
14 5:04 pm.jpg
14 5:04 pm.jpg
This is probably the most boring part.
Lay out Popsicle sticks as shown.
Using dots of PVA glue, place other sticks across to secure in place.
Allow to dry.

While you do this, cut the rounded ends with the industrial scissors off other sticks in approx 2cm lengths. I found they shattered if I did smaller...

Step 3: Paint The Door

I found using a dry brush and planting the door roughly with brown paint along the joins worked really well.

Then using green paint, cover the whole door with paint.

Using a tissue, wipe excess paint off the door.

You can carve the mark left by Gandalf in this step if you wish.

When dry, apply mod podge. (Optional)

Step 4: Attach The Door

Picture of Attach The Door
Cut a hole in the liner with the scissors. Start small and make it larger. Mine is about 10cm in diameter.

Apply copious amounts of PVA glue to the inside of the hole. Lay the door on the hole, green side facing outwards. Apply a weight such as the container of decorative stones and allow to dry overnight... Preferably without the puppy dragging the thing off the table and having to re-do this step.

At this stage, cut an X on the top of the upturned liner to put the rosemary (or other herb) inside.

Step 5: Attach The Bits Around The Door

Picture of Attach The Bits Around The Door
14 5:04 pm.jpg
Using the short pieces you cut, glue to the outside of the liner/door hole when the door is firmly attached.

I of course decided to glue before painting... By all means do the logical thing and paint the thingies brown before glueing on.
PeteD31bgn5 months ago

What a great Idea, Now I have a use for all the old hanging basket liners.

I can place them all around my gardens. Thanks

eazyrider made it!5 months ago

MIne was a bit different as I put on an awning with the mailbox and fence, but all was inspired by you, and for that I thank you!

Juanamac (author)  eazyrider5 months ago

That sounds awesome! Now I want to make a fence....

Dream Dragon5 months ago

That's really cool. I'm a fan of "Fairy Doors" and I like your interprtation.

racoontnn5 months ago

Чудесная поделка - простая и эффективная! Тем, у кого есть укромный уголок в саду или на даче, обязательно должен иметь там такой уголок хоббита.

roundtoit475 months ago

Most garden ideas are too cutesy or complicated. This is neither of those, so I think this will have to be my first garden project this year!(If our Great Lakes Polar Vortex winter ever ends, that is). Great idea!

hbradstreet5 months ago

I don't usually go for cute. But, I am totally charmed by this. I'm going to do it! Thanks!

Agreed! This is just on the right side of the Cute/Intriguing line ;-)

Our garden will definitely be getting one of these.

hunter9995 months ago

Wow! This looks awesome and is a great idea! Thanks for sharing :-)

This is such a great Idea :), Thank you so much for sharing.
YerGramma5 months ago
That's so marvelous! I'm going to have to try this if I ever get to see bare earth again. (Right now I'd have to make an igloo.)
amekdala5 months ago

nice one, the first picture appears than original size :))