This Instructable will show how to make pajamas to look like Bilbo's clothes  from The Hobbit. I have a tutorial for the pants, shirt, and (my favorite) the feet. I had more Ideas for this pajama set but it was a Christmas gift and I ran out if time. However, If you are giving it as a gift you could paint the box to look like Bilbo's home and you could add a little hand made sting that doubles as a back scratcher/ cat toy with the one ring. I had also intended on buying or making a robe in the mauve color to go with the set but I couldn't find enough material or a pre-made robe so I just purchased a very warm blanket. Tutorials for the finishing touches( painted box and sting) may come soon but for now lets make some Hobbit Jammies!!

* You will need: fleece Material or fleece blankets in the correct colors , Sharp scissors, pins, matching thread, a sewing machine, hand needles, a measuring tape, velco, elastic, upholstery foam, contact cement or hot glue, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and sponge brushes, mask latex, patience, and imagination ENJOY!!


Step 1: A Vest Is Best: Making the Shirt

There will be a lot of information and a lot of photos in this tutorial. If you know how to sew and make patterns it may be a bit dulled down and redundant. If you don't know how to sew I hope its understandable and helpful.

I was trying to make this project simple and affordable so for the pants and shirt I bought Light fleece blankets in the colors I wanted. I got my blankets at Gabriel Brothers I only needed one of each for the set and the blankets were 2 for 5.00. The shirt appears grey in my photos but it is actually a dull green color.

So, to start lay the material out on the floor or on a table and fold in half. You would want right sided touching but with blankets either side is fine. For the pieces you can buy patterns or make patterns, In my case I just took measurements off of his clothing and then mapped it out on the material with pins.

 * The first photo with pins is the front of the vest. For the front you will need two separate pieces of material. Fold the material in half and map out your pins or pattern then cut both pieces completely out of the material leaving a half inch seam allowance from the outside of the pin line, set these pieces aside.

 *The next photo with pins is the back of the vest. The back is one big piece and can be cut on a fold to avoid a center back seam. Fold the material in half and map out the back piece using the fold as the center most point of the vest. Again, using a half inch seam allowance from the pins cut piece from material Do Not Cut Fold Line and set aside.

*I decided to add sleeves to the vest for a little more coverage and added warmth.The last piece to be cut are the sleeves, you will need two sleeves so this piece will need measured and cut twice. The sleeves can also be cut on a fold line. To determine how much material I needed I measured for the widest (widest = armhole) and longest part of the sleeve. The width of the armhole can be found by measuring the armhole of the vest (this measurement is easier to get once the front and back pieces are pinned together). The sleeves armhole must fit within the vest armhole and be sewn in without causing any wrinkling or folding so this measurement is pretty important. The length of the sleeve and the cuff (end where hand meets) can be determined by taking measurements from a sweatshirt. Once your pins are in place cut on the outside of the pins leaving a half inch seam allowance . Sleeve is one big piece Do Not Cut Fold Line.

*The last stage in cutting the pattern pieces is pinning them together. Start by pinning the front to the back, it is fairly easy to tell what goes where by the width of the pieces. Pin both fronts to the back and ensure that the lay correctly. Next, we sew!

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