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This is one of the underground houses that the Hobbits live in, in the Lord of the Rings.  I didn't have a hobbit to go with it, though, so its just a house by itself.  the inside is the best part to me, it has a living room and bedroom, complete with a bed, plant, fireplace, potions shelf, and chimney.


DaveDude12 (author)2014-06-08

Wow cool!

bsg68 (author)2014-03-07

It's called a "hobbit hole"

warrior_chicka (author)2014-01-06


warrior_chicka (author)2014-01-06

Keel hobbit house!

sideboard9 (author)2013-07-03

Are you going to make instructions?

jaberwaukee (author)sideboard92013-08-13

hey, sorry about the long wait for a reply but i have been busy and have not had time. Anyway, i might make the instructions soon if i have time.

dr. richtofen (author)2013-03-13



No problem

mikeasaurus (author)2013-03-12

Can you take the top off and show us the inside, too?

jaberwaukee (author)mikeasaurus2013-03-12

you cant actually take it off while its built how it is in the picture, but i can take the top of and take a picture, then add it to the ibl.

mikeasaurus (author)jaberwaukee2013-03-12

I didn't notice it opened up before, maybe just a clearer shot of the interior so we can see the detail?

jaberwaukee (author)mikeasaurus2013-03-13

ok. i may update it soon

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