This is one of the underground houses that the Hobbits live in, in the Lord of the Rings.  I didn't have a hobbit to go with it, though, so its just a house by itself.  the inside is the best part to me, it has a living room and bedroom, complete with a bed, plant, fireplace, potions shelf, and chimney.
Wow cool!
It's called a "hobbit hole"
Keel hobbit house!
Are you going to make instructions?
hey, sorry about the long wait for a reply but i have been busy and have not had time. Anyway, i might make the instructions soon if i have time.
No problem
Can you take the top off and show us the inside, too?
you cant actually take it off while its built how it is in the picture, but i can take the top of and take a picture, then add it to the ibl.
I didn't notice it opened up before, maybe just a clearer shot of the interior so we can see the detail?
ok. i may update it soon

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