Just got hold of a Rotary Multi Tool, so I decided to make a work desk.
I will add various elements as it develops.
It needs a small vice, a solder iron stand, a tool holder and a small usb powered vacuum cleaner.
The tool created lots of dust.
But Hey I've got the tool to make some of them.....

Step 1: The Bits

Picture of The Bits
I cutout the worktop and attached it to an old wooden drawer.
The top overhangs about 1/2 inch all round.
The hinges are screwed to a baton thats 2" x 3/4"
I found 4 x plastic feet that I attached to the base.
I added rubber slip proof pads to them.
dart70ca1 year ago

I have never commented on an instructable before, but felt this one needed one :)

I really like the idea of using an old drawer as a base for this project. A natural progression of this idea would be to re-purpose an entire chest of drawers with each drawer dedicated to a different thing. I dabble in model building, paper-craft, knot and rope work, leathercraft, electronics, etc. and could fill up a dresser with these things. Kind of like a tool box and workspace all in one. A dresser filled with all the same drawer would be better, as you could keep the ones you are currently "into" at the top, move them down as interest wanes or projects end.