Step 3: Software

Run controll board using kcam (trial) from its free and user friendly ,set table setup and port setup ,In port setup remember PIN No14 is inverted. 25pin D sub parallelport cable connect to computer only 9 pins are used in this circuit 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,14 . X Axis(STEP pin No2, DIR pin No.3, ENABLE pinNo.4) Y Axis step5 dir 6 en 7, Z Axis step 8 dir 9 en 14
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howim4 years ago
oh dude...if you want to take photo of the computer screen then just press the "print screen" button, you dont need to use a camera for that.....hehehe...
bac512 howim4 years ago
(then ya gotta open a graphics program and past the screen.)
jbig808 bac5124 years ago
windows paint will do the trick