Picture of Hobby rocket motor paper tubes ( parallel )
This is a quick instructable on how I make my Kraft paper tubes for my homemade motors. These are only parallel rolled, but you can use a similar method to make spiral tubes as well. Sorry for the poor quality of the images and lighting. I don't have a proper lighting or tripod setup as of yet. The images will be updated at a later date.

  • Kraft paper ( local newsagent or craft store )
  • Glue or Glue Mix - 1 part water, 4 parts wood glue or craft glue
  • Wooden dowel - 7cm length
  • Scissors or sharp blade
  • Sandpaper of light strength
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Step 1: Take a look

Picture of Take a look
Here are an example of the tubes in action after filling with bentonite clay nozzle mix and black powder single grain fuel. Below you can see a movie of it in action as well.

Step 2: Start prep and cutting

Picture of Start prep and cutting
I am missing the first couple of images on how I created the quick wooden 'tools', but you can see in the image here pretty much what I use by the labels. The ramming jig is the small section of the dowel 5mm length, glued onto a piece of scrap wood I had laying about. The finished tubes fit beautifully over this.

Start with your 7cm long bit of dowel and measure and cut a section of Kraft paper about 5mm larger on each end of the dowel motor form. My Kraft paper roll is 32cm in width, so I cut two pieces, both 8cm wide, 32cm long.
Looks good! Thanks for posting!