Build your own high-current 4-axis stepper motor controller board for your DIY robot, DIY mill or mill conversion, DIY router or anything else that needs to move. This is a build-it-yourself kit from HobbyCNC.com.

Step 1: Inspect the Components

Open the kit and verify all parts are present. If necessary, use an ohm meter to verify the resistor values.

NOTE: This photo shows the 4-Axis Kit - the 3-Axis kit has fewer parts (only the ones required to drive the 3-axis - compare the parts count against the included printed instructions)

You are very welcome! And thank YOU for the feedback. This is exactly why I did these!
<p>Excellent Instructable! I have the 3 axis pro kit, and while the written instructions are good, without this instructable for the 4 axis kit, the work would have been a challenge for me. Using both made this easy. Can't thank you enough for making this a part of the instructions!</p>
<p>Hi, nicely set out instructable.</p><p>in Step 23 : this &quot;Install (4) 23 pin Driver Chips (U1, U2, U3, U4) only after the above test is successful.&quot;</p><p>what test is above? </p>
<p>Excellent observation! I have modified the step to now read:</p><p>&quot;Install (4) 23 pin Driver Chips (U1, U2, U3, U4) only after the voltage test (step 21, above) is successful&quot;</p>
<p>Good job.</p>

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