Introduction: HobbyKing X4 FPV 485 Quadcopter/Drone: Build Manual + Test Flights

Normally we only build carbon fibre framed drones but the shape of the X-4 is most excellent so we thought we would give it a try...

Here's the Video Menu:

00.24 - What's in the box; 01.39 - What else do you need...; 02.10 - The build & modifications...; 03.36 - Adding electrics/electronics...; 04.23 - Adding the flight controller; 05.00 - First flight test before modification; 05.17 - 'Secret Sauce'; 05.30 - Final flight test.

Specification: X-4 FPV 485 quadcopter fibre glass frame, APM 2.6 Flight Controller, 40A HobbyWing Programme ESC's, HP2814-910kv brushless motors, & 10x4.5" carbon fibre propellers.

The X-4 is so much fun and just looks brilliant.


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