Last week I re-tramped my Hobie 16 with sunbrella cloth. Here's a similar method for my Hobie 18 using heavy PVC/Polyester truck tarp material.

These old catamarans are in good shape after years in the sun, but those trampolines just go to pieces.
Here's the tramp before and after some attention from the tool-using ape.

Step 1: Set Up Your Workspace

It takes a few hours to do this, so you might as well be comfortable. I set up a big umbrella for shade. I set it in the centerboard slot. It wobbled around a little, so I wrapped the shaft with bicycle innertube.
I like what you said about the lacing and corsets. It's very true. I always say there's nothing that looks better than a tightly lased pair of boots.
instead of using soapy water one could use silicone spray lubricant. It made my tramp a hundred times easier to install.
On the Hobie Getaway the foot strap has a half twist between each of the places where it's sewn down. The purpose is to keep the foot strap from laying flat, such that you can't get your foot under it easily. If you're making replacement tramps for other Hobie models, this would be a good feature to incorporate.
And here I was thinking I'd get to see some hybrid of a boat and a trampoline.<br/><br/>=[<br/>
Never ridden a Hobie? It is that and a trapeze act as well.
Great idea! I sold my Capri 14 (like a 420) and I miss sailing... Would ya go Hobie 16 or 18?
Looks Good! "but your tramp will look a whole lot better with new _rope_." WTF! Sailor, the word is "Line"!
Thanks! My "lines" are usually not the shortest distance between two points, so I tend to call them "ropes" ;)

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