Hobo Stove - Ultralight Backpacking - Make It Yourself in 3 Minutes - 1oz





Introduction: Hobo Stove - Ultralight Backpacking - Make It Yourself in 3 Minutes - 1oz

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Check out this ultralight alcohol stove. It weighs only 1 oz and has no moving parts. You can make it yourself in just a few minutes and it will last forever. Boils in under 5 minutes and the fuel is cheap. Perfect for Ultralight Backpacking!



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    The Swedish make a stove called a trangia that burns metho alcohol efficiently but will burn even better with little blackening of the pot if up to 10% water is added. I wonder if these homemade stoves would benefit from some water being added too?

    i'm a hobo on greyhound. i'll use this at my seat for baked beans.

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    Last weekend my fiencee and i went camping in Missouri and it rained the whole time, i couldnt start a fire so we ended up eating cold tortillas and cheese....we were gonna have quesadillas, i wish i wouldve brought something like this along. Nonetheless, we learned a valuable lesson!

    It's not a good idea to leave your alcohol bottle open so near the burning stove. Put the cap on the bottle once you fill the stove.

    I wonder if bacon fat would work as a fuel source if you run out of alcohol.  Cook your bacon, then save the fat for later.  

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    how do you cook the bacon if you're aout of fuel?

    You cook the bacon before you're out of fuel.

    LOL, another version of the "chicken or egg" question xD

    One quick question: How do you put out the stove when you are finished using it?

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    If this is like most of the tiny "can" stoves, it'll run out of fuel very soon after the water finishes boiling. If you test it and find out it burns too long, I suppose you could premeasure your fuel (but it's probably a good thing to have some fuel left after the boil, so you can, for instance, simmer your soup packet to cook the noodles). If it's a big deal for you, an unperforated can slightly larger than the one used to make the stove (say, a can from soup or beans, cut off to a suitable length) could be dropped over the stove to smother the flame instantly -- though alcohol vapor from the hot stove could reignite pretty easily if you take the snuffer can off too soon.

    simple and well made. Good Work!

    I just wanted to know if you could PLEASE put the video into an insructable.  I have dialup and my downloading rate SUCKS so I was just wondering if you could put it into an instructable so that I could actually see how to make the stove.

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    time to get out of the stone age of internet freedom and join the world with a high speed always on connection

    I decided to follow yor advice, and am now the proud owner of a ripnet 100 mbps internet connection! yay!

     dude, its 2010 and you still have dial-up?  Anyways, its simple to make.  Punch 12-15 holes around 1/2" apart.  Bam, you're done.