Hobo Stove - Ultralight Backpacking - Make It Yourself in 3 Minutes - 1oz





Introduction: Hobo Stove - Ultralight Backpacking - Make It Yourself in 3 Minutes - 1oz

Check out this ultralight alcohol stove. It weighs only 1 oz and has no moving parts. You can make it yourself in just a few minutes and it will last forever. Boils in under 5 minutes and the fuel is cheap. Perfect for Ultralight Backpacking!



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    The Swedish make a stove called a trangia that burns metho alcohol efficiently but will burn even better with little blackening of the pot if up to 10% water is added. I wonder if these homemade stoves would benefit from some water being added too?

    i'm a hobo on greyhound. i'll use this at my seat for baked beans.

    Last weekend my fiencee and i went camping in Missouri and it rained the whole time, i couldnt start a fire so we ended up eating cold tortillas and cheese....we were gonna have quesadillas, i wish i wouldve brought something like this along. Nonetheless, we learned a valuable lesson!

    It's not a good idea to leave your alcohol bottle open so near the burning stove. Put the cap on the bottle once you fill the stove.

    I wonder if bacon fat would work as a fuel source if you run out of alcohol.  Cook your bacon, then save the fat for later.  

    how do you cook the bacon if you're aout of fuel?