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The hobo, Americas last great nomad. Whether its jumping onto boxcars or strutting around city streets hobos have always been true wanderers, and what stereotypical image of a hobo would be complete without a shopping cart.

The average grocery store shopping cart is the perfect accessory for todays hobo on the go. It contains just the right amount of space for all of their possessions. The shopping cart has ample room for bottles/cans, dirty blankets (for those extra nippy nights on the streets), random treasures found while scavenging, and even enough room for relics from a broken former life; however, there comes a time in every hobos life, when they will ask, if this amazing creation called a shopping cart, is capable of more than just storage?"

Today, ladies and gentleman, I finally have an answer for them...

... allow me to present to you, the perfect modification for the perfect hobo accessory ...

The Hobobeque!

Forged from scavenged parts, in true hobo style, the Hobobeque provides a great alternative to those unfashionable 40 gallon drum fires. You'll be the most popular hobo on the street, strutting around with your new Hobobeque. You can use it to cook, provide warmth (replace those dirty old blankets, with FIRE!), or for self defense (teach that other hobo trying to move into your alley a lesson by rolling a flaming shopping cart at him, I'm sure he wont be back), yes the Hobobeque does it all!

So ladies, gentlemen, bums, tramps, and (most importantly) hobos, allow me to take you on a journey through the process of building this amazing device. Many of us will laugh a little, some of us may cry a little, and some others may even die little (does that count as a disclaimer?).

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Ummm it looks good!

nudim26 days ago

nice idea

KellyKandy3 months ago

The trolleys in the UK have brakes on the wheels, so i'll have to do this in the local Tesco carpark, i guess it's the perfect place really.

shabbokamli4 months ago

lovely thing

Woww.... are you selling one of those

I want that too.

I would buy one! Haha! Creative idea!

Excellent, i'll go and ask my local waitrose and see if they'll let me borrow one of their trolleys.

elizazet7 months ago

i love with your job

great one.

very nice work.

Nice one

nice technique.

very nice share

johnsonpaul10 months ago

nice technique

GrahamAbbey11 months ago

loving thiss

Amazing Hobo.

Thanks to author for this useful information!

nice pics my dear friend $$$$$$$$

HarryLaine1 year ago

nice concept

this is incredible!

Briandeano1 year ago

great wlkthrough

mp4movies1 year ago

awesome stuff

Man the lead up was so great...only to find an "error loading file"...bummer.

LOL. I do luvs my fire. I would like to thank those hairy, hunchbacked men, millions of years ago, for this wonderful discovery. But I do has a question for you. What is fire, in terms of matter? Solid? Liquid? Gas? Plasma? I do have my bets placed on gas ...
i have no clue, but i've always wondered it. why not wiki it?
w00ty32 w00ty327 years ago
it is a combonation of heat and light. interesting.
Yes, but what state of matter? <_<; Everything is classified into a state of matter.
im pretty sure it is classified as energy. i just finished a topic about states of matter and stuff at school, and my science teacher agreed with me that it is energy. (i was in the top 1% of science students in year 7 across australia :) . i was also the topyear 7 at my school for english and i did not put a capital letter in :( lol ) but back to the topic. w00ty32, you are right. it is a combination of heat and light, and they are both forms of energy
It depends on what is burning and the air/fuel ratio, but fire is heat, light and other radiative energy, combined with gases, water vapor and particulate matter. Without all that added stuff (say, a perfectly stoichiometric mixture of pure oxygen and pure hydrogen), the fire would be gone in a flash.
It is gas that is heated so much that it gives off light.
One of my uncles (who is a brain surgeon, randomly) told me that fire was just pure energy released from whatever was burning, say, wood
jackrackam8 years ago
I KNEW THAT SHOPPING MALL WAS ALAMEDA! Jeese you guys. Alameda has no tolerance for that stuff.
The firetruck says Alameda on it too >.<
Well, it is in Alameda...
wen you heared the sirens you should have casualy started pushing the flaming shopping cart down the street just to see if the fire department would follow the trail of smoke
but there was food on it!
There are also wheels on it...
negu743 years ago
Regarding finding a cart.... I took an Amtrak from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA and along the way the tracks went through a valley that was probably 100-150 ft below the 'cliff' above, which was an urban center strip mall. Well....

There were literally hundreds of carts along the railroad rockbed, some of where were arranged into creative sculptures assumingly by urban wanderers.

These carts looked to be older models, maybe ten or more years old, discarded, lost, an urban graveyard. some were rusted but others looked to be in good shape.

I think the strip mall just kept ordering new carts instead of looking around to see the carts had been pushed down below....

Ok i'm getting to my point here. Just be adventuresome, and look for strip malls that meet this criteria- they are near and above train tracks, byways, creeks, etc. These places seem to collect abandoned urban remnants

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