Step 8: The moment of truth

So now that you've collected all your supplies it is time for the Hobobeque's commissioning. It is important that the Hobobeque is in a familiar environment the first time it is used, or else it might become confused and frightened. Since shopping carts feel most at home in parking lots, we decided to have the barbecue right outside of Albertsons.

To barbecue:

1. Remove all the bags from the shopping cart, and set aside for later.

2. Secure the wheels of the shopping cart with whatever is available at the time. For us that was pine cones and twigs (Picture 4). Thats right folks, this flaming mobile deathtrap is secured by nothing more then some scattered debris.

3. Spread the coals evenly over the coal bed.

4. Apply lighter fluid (Don't use too much, or the Hobobeque might attract the unwanted attention of supermarket employees)

5.Light it up.

6. Place food on the grill and start cooking. (Make sure any melting plastic on the cart falls away from the food)

Congratulations you are now slumming it in style with your brand new Hobobeque.
<p>Pretty funny idea. </p>
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<p>nice idea</p>
<p>The trolleys in the UK have brakes on the wheels, so i'll have to do this in the local Tesco carpark, i guess it's the perfect place really.</p>
<p>wow...m definitely gonna try this </p>
<p>lovely thing</p>
<p>Woww.... are you selling one of those </p>
<p>I want that too.</p>
<p>I would buy one! Haha! Creative idea!</p>
<p>Very Nice indeed</p>
<p>Excellent, i'll go and ask my local waitrose and see if they'll let me borrow one of their trolleys.</p>
<p>well done</p>
<p>I saw similar kind with corn maze, it will be good. Thanks for the great instructable.</p>
<p>I saw similar kind with corn maze, it will be good. Thanks for the great instructable.</p>
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LOL. I do luvs my fire. I would like to thank those hairy, hunchbacked men, millions of years ago, for this wonderful discovery. But I do has a question for you. What is fire, in terms of matter? Solid? Liquid? Gas? Plasma? I do have my bets placed on gas ...
i have no clue, but i've always wondered it. why not wiki it?

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