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Introduction: Hobo's Tomato Soup

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Ok so your a hobo in this modern day and age. Your hungry and you need to eat. Now you can beg for change or eat out of the trash or use your wits and get you a free cup of hot tomato soup.
 Here's what you do.

Step 1: Step One: Finding Your Ingredients

Hot Water

Now where can you get these all for free? Why anywhere that sells food!  Just walk into any fastfood joint in America, walk up to the counter and ask of cup of hot water. If they make you pay for it just rant and rave a little, They will just give it to you to go away!
   So on your way out hot the condiment bar.
 Here is everything you need to make Hobo tomato soup.
 Pocket as much Ketchup, Sugar, Crackers, salt/pepper  as you can before escorted out.
If you have some left over you can make soup again by boiling water in a tin can over a small fire or discarded lighter.

Step 2: Making Soup

Mix ketchup packets and sugar packets 4 ketchup to 1 sugar in the hot water, about 8 ketchup packets, per one standard sized free cup of hot water. will give you a nice thick creamy soup and a hot lunch is yours free.
use the salt/pepper and crackers added for taste and those important calories!



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    it is suprisingly tasty

    I tried this! Its actually not too bad :)

    I added a little basil and pepper to give it a little kick

    *yells after reading* "MOOOOOMMM!! im cooking dinner tonight."

    *mom yells back* "REALLY!?! Thanks hun whats on the menu??"



    This is great for a "poor college student" too, since most college students have a drawer full of various fast food condiment packets.

    I have seen a simaler recipe they added a packet or 2 of non diary creamer to make it even more "rich and creamy". there used to be a website on how to use all kinds of free condiments to make meals but it went away.

    great idea. cheep, fast and free food. you could garnish it with wild greens such as dandelion or emilia leaves

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    well i kinda cheated i saw it in the movie "Klute"
    but thanks try it its not bad