Step 1: Acquire Materials

Start playing hockey or hanging out around the rink. Or maybe your dad has been storing your old broken sticks for ten years too. Once you get enough sticks, you'll need to cut them. I chose to cut the shafts at varying lengths in part because they reflect my physical growth through the years and also because this format showcases the evolution of how I taped my sticks (an art in itself, I am a short knob toe-to-heel kind of guy). The "hockey headboard" also shows the evolution of hockey stick technology as its chronology includes my first ice hockey stick (an Easton aluminum), fiberglass and graphite designs, many traditional wood sticks (my high school stick of choice), and a few fancy one piece composites (my college sticks).

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<p>Awesome instructable</p>
pretty sick and i also love hockey!but just to get it off my chest i think fiber glass hockey sticks are better for im gonna list 4 reasons. <br> <br>1.they are alot lighter than wooden sticks! <br> <br>2.they dont snap as easy. <br> <br>3.you can shape a fiber glass stick with just boiling water!!! <br> <br>4.ummm...its easyer to switch the blade on a fiber glass stick no offence but yeah and whos your favorite hockey player mine is whane gretsky.and sidny crosby!!!!!
<p>Cam Fowler and Scott Neidermayer</p><p>Anaheim Ducks</p>
Very neat, I make all kinds of stuff from Sticks, frames, stools, beer taps, and cabinets. It's getting hard to get wood ones now.
Ditto--awesome. By the way, I like the leaning bookcase next to the bed
Ive got that bookcase showcased on my blog. Check it out <a rel="nofollow" href="http://reclaimagination.blogspot.com/">Reclaimagination</a><br/>
Speaking as a hockey fan, this is awesome.

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