Step 2: Wrapping

Start by sticking the end of your tape to one end of your marked area, don't cut a section though, keep it attached to the roll.

Let out some of the tape, and let the roll dangle. Now give it a spin until you've got a nicely twisted section, but not so far that your tape rope begins wrapping onto itself creating a sticky mess. It is best to start off with small rolled sections, because it's easier to add more, than take away.

Now spiral this rope around the hanger until you reach the other side of your marks, leaving some spacing between to create large grooves. If you run out of 'rope' before reaching the end, let more tape out and spin.

Now, we don't want clothes actually sticking to the hanger, and having a fuzzy mess down the road, so finish the grip off by wrapping it normally with flat tape.
awesome idea!
I've long been a fan of plain old rubber bands looped up towards the end of wire hangers, but this looks like it would work for those items that remain stubbornly slippery!
Very cool technique!
Thanks! It's the same way a lot of people make the grip at the top of a hockey stick, so that was my inspiration :)
Smart! I hate when my sweaters fall off and land in a heap on the closet floor.
Muy buena idea, gracias,<br>Very good idea, Thanks.
This is an AWESOME idea! My husband just told me he wanted to get all wooden hangers eventually and I said no just for this reason.
glad to hear you can now live in harmony ;)

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