Hodge Podge





Introduction: Hodge Podge

Well, after I have built several K'nex ball machines featured here on Instructables, I decided to try one of my own.  I call it Hodge Podge because it is a collection of elements designed by members here on this site.  If you see an element that you created, thank you and I give all credit to you... you know who you are...




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    wow! Looks nothing like "hodgepodge"! It looks amazing!

    Thank you... What does a hodgepodge look like? Now back to my new even bigger machine... already its 8 feet tall... got a ladder?

    Hodgepodge looks like a jumbled mess. Wow that's very tall. yup, I do have a ladder!

    thank you sir.... your words are too kind...

    Very cool! Big ball factory just got hold of some steroids!

    thank you... I spend too much time on YouTube.. some builders inspire me to go big. Ebay has become my best friend lately. I've been trying to mix parts from 3 different ball machine kits to make something rather unique... Pics coming soon

    well there was a white floor that was part of a horizontal path switch.. but I don't think you can claim credit for that.. but I promise that you will be included in the next one..

    Nice machine. It reminds me of the old knex sets.