Picture of Hof Jr- The Tiniest K'nex Ball Machine!
Hello, and Today we are going to make Hof Jr- The Tiniest Knex Ball Machine.

Step 1: Step 1- Piece Gathering

Picture of Step 1- Piece Gathering
It May Be Smaller, Doesn't mean it costs Nothing.


Micro Yellow: 12
Micro Grey: 5
Micro Red: 12
Micro Purple: 6
Red: 1
Yellow: 1


Micro 1 Slot Green: 2
Micro 2 Slot Orange: 3
Micro 2 Slot Purple: 7
Micro 3 slot Yellow: 4
Micro 4 Slot Blue: 18
Micro 5 Slot Red: 3
Micro 7 Slot Grey: 2
8 Slot White: 2
3 Slot Red:1


Motor New Kind: 1 (Preferably Green)
Blue Gears: 2
Grey Gears: 2 (Or Blue gear)
Micro Chain Links: 12
Micro 8 Slot Light Blue: 2
Green Rod Adapters: 7
Red Rod Adapters: 4
Tan Pieces: 2
Grey Spacers: 8
Blue Spacers: 1
Micro Grey Spacers: 2

If I miss Anything Let Me Know!
Looks cool, but I think this has been built before.
Lego Andrew (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
By me? No, that one was a Redrod. This ones a yellow rod. Blue rod coming up1
No I think I've seen it on youtube before, but I like it anyway ;p
And blue rod will be THE smallest in the world, haha :p
Except the white rod.....and then the tiny green rod...
gr8nesisme2 years ago
nice and small just for me
Lego Andrew (author)  gr8nesisme2 years ago
Want it smaller? Sure!
There has been much smaller. But this is still cool. Good job!
Lego Andrew (author)  Blue Mullet 22 years ago
Its pushed s marble. This one still uses a chain lift. Smaller one made I 1 today
Cool man!