How to slow-roast a hog/pig on a spit using a rented propane-powered spit roaster that many tool-shops rent out (both in the UK and USA).

o Total roasting time for a 80kg live-weight hog is about 6 hours.
o Preparation time: 1 hour
o Carving time: 1 -2 hours
o A 80kg live-weight hog can feed at least 50 people

Scale the roasting time up or down according to the size of your hog, and tune the result by testing the meat near the end of the calculated roasting time.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Carving knife - it must be very sharp. A long slender one is ideal. I use a belt sander with a fine grade 600 paper to sharpen it. It works better than a sharpening iron.
Scallop grippers - the longer the better, in case a nice meat cut falls into the roaster
A large basting brush - a large DIY paint brush made from hog hair is best
A bowl for holding the basting
Juice squeezer
Smaller knife for cleaning the last bits of meat off the carcass
Shears to cut the cracking up into bite-sized pieces

6-8 lemons
1 pound of course sea salt
1 pound of fine sea salt
1 pint of canola cooking oil (don't use olive oil, it will spoil in the heat)
1/2 pint of runny honey

Optional Ingredients:
a few leafy branches from a bay tree
3 trussed-up supermarket chickens

very tasty vith onion
Thanks a lot, now I have to go and change my shirt because I drooled all over the front of it just reading this great intructable. However, cracklin's (proper spelling) is a Southern delicacy here in the U.S. For a real treat throw a couple of handfuls into a batch of cornbread and bake it up while you wait for the pig to finish. Again, great job
Where is this hogs face? The head is the best eating.
I can't say I have ever eaten that bit, except for in German Sultzewurst - a sausage made from pig offal, which is very nice.
The cheek is one of the most delicious meat/fat/skin combinations on earth, not to mention the brain. If you can get the head next time give it a try. Hog Jowls are a gift from the almighty.
I've heard i nthe past cow bains sandwich was very popular until mad cow came along.
I'll bear that in mind next time my butcher wants to get too enthusiastic with the hatchet. Not to mention the trotters that the butcher also deprived me of for a magnificent German Eisbein.
That is a shame. Eisbein is also food of the Gods.
My German father turned me on to the deliciousness of Souse (jellied pig brain). While it looks dubious and its hard to come by in Detroit, I'll eat it whenever I can find it. I need a beer and some spaetzel now.
You're welcome and thanks for the lavish compliment! The cornbread thing sounds like a good idea. In England we are boring and we only server boiled potatoes with this ;-)

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