This is my take on a classic Snow Globe. I call it a "Window Wonderland".

Step 1: Pick a Jar

I purchased this 6 sided jar from Specialty Bottle. The best jars for this project are short, squatty jars usually filled with jam or some gourmet item. A round one would work fine. Look in your fridge, I'm sure there's one in there!
She is the best cat! I can rub her tummy all day!
loved ur idea of adding height to the base
fat furry cat:) i dnt think she plays alot...:) wondering if u love to eat n sleep all the time. Lovely kitty
what a lovely idea! <3
Thank you! I can't wait to make more. Happy holidays!
I really like these they're very cute. I also don't see any reason why you couldn't use some waterproof decorations and fill them with water if that's what you're after. I don't have a good printer but I think I might be able to recycle some of last years cards and use some mod podge. Thanks for the awesome ible :)
Last year's cards is a great idea. I guess you could also paint a scene as well. Oh, if you do fill with water, they suggest putting a drop of glycerin in it so the snow doesn't fall so quickly and seal the lid with some strong glue. Have fun!
thanks for the idea :)

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