Picture of Hold CDs with a Book
I admit. I abuse the CDs in my car. Its not intentional. The CDs indirectly get scratched from the constant centrifugal force I exert when I'm making left and right turns. CD sheering is never pleasant to my ears. Nothing worse than hearing skipped tunes on your way to work.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Book
- CDs
- Car (optional)

Step 2: Combine The Materials

Picture of Combine The Materials
What better way to preserve your precious cds and easily locate your favorite book than to combine the two.

CDs wont get scratched
You'll always know where your book is.

Cons: For those who take care your books like little babies, and never fold the corners, this method is not for you.

Warning. If you have >10 cds, (unless you like carrying a dictionary,) don't try this at home.
jtomšič1 year ago
What's a 'CD'? :D
Almost all new cars come with SD/USB/AUX/bluetooth, some of them with no CD at all.
It's a nice idea though, if you don't have one of those CD holder booklets thingies (they used to be insanely popular when CDs were at their greatest)
bakdrft1 year ago
I have an idea, take a piece of paper and rub the back surface of the disc a few times,
See what will happen to the disc. The vibrations, movement and such WILL ruin the discs.
leondo (author)  bakdrft1 year ago
Leaving a cd out in the sun will damage it. Constantly grabbing it will damage the cd. Just putting it in the cd player will damage the cd. What im trying to say is cds, along with everything else will age and fail. the point of my instructable is to prolong the cds,not make it instructable. I agree paper can scratch cds, but it's better than watching it slide around in my car. Im just sharing an idea man. If you don't like it don't do it.
"Cons: For those who take care your books like little babies, and never fold the corners, this method is not for you."

my books get so trashed, because i love them too much. totally going to keep cds in my car this way. so they dont get scratched :D
leondo (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
I consider torn and folded pages as battle scars.
I just don't like battle scars on my CDs.
Joop451 year ago
See also: Hold CD's with an iPod.

Only kidding, this is a great idea!
leondo (author)  Joop451 year ago
haha. I was --- close to not posting this. I thought this was an awful idea. I'm glad you disagree.
Awesome Leon!
leondo (author)  timwikander1 year ago
thanks tim. You got the ball rolling for me.