Picture of Hold Down Long Round Things with this Quickie Bench Loop-and-V Vice
Sometimes you have to hold a long round cylinder to your workbench. I usually have to hold down a mast for processing into sailing canoe propulsion. The processing process usually demands that you rotate the round object to painfully (sometimes bloodily) smooth its sides or add gear to it. Here's how I made a quickie vice.

See step 1, which is subdivided quite usefully. Linear thinkers will appreciate that. That was not an insult; I am a linear thinker. I have often wondered what parallel thinking would look like, but, of course, how could I know? Would it look like this, by chance? ....

Today I-------And yet-------Do parallel
will work-----I intend to---thinkers
cold fusion----my novel.-----later moments
too----------------------in the day
I----------------------------------see it this way?

Now I'm scared. Believe me, Step 1 is much, much simpler.

Step 1: Build the WP holder in 5 steps, while not ignoring the cautionary statement

Picture of Build the WP holder in 5 steps, while not ignoring the cautionary statement

(1) Build a V block to hold your object. Just get a block of wood and cut a V in it big enough to hold the object from slipping out of the V as the object (let us call it a workpiece) is rotated. Feeling rather cool, I added an epoxy-graphite blend to the V to let the workpiece (shall call it a WP?) turn smoothly. That was STUPID! It turns well, leaving ugly black streaks on the WP. I made this mistake so that you would not. Trust me.

(2) Drill a hole in your bench. Use a drill, which is 9,763 times faster than training a rat to do this phase. If you are feeling cool, smooth the edges of the hole so it will not fray the cord critical to the next step.

(3) Push a bungee cord up through the hole.

(4) Push the WP through the bungee loop.

(5) tension the bungee cord, which is a fancy way of saying, hook its hooks around something on the bench so that the cord pulls the WP into the V. You are ready to work.

NOTE: Do all the steps this way or else you risk re-arranging the geology of Delaware. Don't ask me how I know this. Whoever thinks about Delaware, by the way? I haven't for years, or decades, until this very instant. --wt
admin7 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
vectorges1 year ago


Great idea. I will use it, but I will tell people that I invented it myself. Sorry.

JimB171 year ago

Hi Wade

Neat idea. I'll use it on my rebuild of Hare-iti.

RangerJ2 years ago
Good idea. My workbench already has the holes in the top for dogs and hold downs; I should be able to use those. I already have some bungee loops with wooden balls on the joined ends, so all I have to do is make sure the V block is high enough to give me some tension on the round stock.

Cut Delaware some slack - they are smart enough to run their state without sales tax.
zzoe6 years ago
I work round things a lot, and this seems an elegant tool for that. Thanks!
stuartkeane6 years ago
Goodluck6 years ago
Love it! Did you build a pair so you can have one on each end of the WP?
Wade Tarzia (author)  Goodluck6 years ago
Not that time -- the mast was heavy enough to stay in place with just the one bungee, for whatever I was doing to it at the time. But I *could* have added the second one in seconds, because I have plenty of holes in my work bench for stops used in planing.