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Introduction: Holder for Black&Decker RT650KA

Some times I need to use my rotary tool fixed to a table to make cuts, sanding and other operations easily, so I desinged and printed some parts to fix my machine.

The RT650KA has a grey cap in the front which is threaded. I made a new threaded cap so I can fix easily the tool to the printed support.

Step 1: Fixing Parts

Go to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1236890, download and print the stl files.

You will need:

  • 4 x M4 screws and nuts.
  • 1 x M3x10 screw, washer and nut.
  • 1 x 20x90mm velcro without glue.
  • 1 x 20x25mm velcro with glue.
  • 1 x Ø2x25mm shaft.
  • I used a piece of wood for fixing the set to a table, but you can use an aluminium profile, for example.



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    That is a great idea. It would probably be a lot easier to have the rotary tool fixed and move the object being cut, especially with smaller objects.

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