Hole in Your Pocket? Duct Tape It!


Find that your valuables are disappearing from your pockets?

Darn, there's a hole in my pocket! And I don't have time to fix it 'properly!'

No worries! DUCT TAPE It!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

All you need is:

The 'offending' garment with the hole in the pocket,

Some scissors (If your not the duct tape hand-tearing kind),


Step 2: Locate the Hole

There's that pesky void that swallows all that I want and hold dear!

Step 3: Cut Off About 2 Inches of DUCT TAPE!

Most holes can be repaired with about 2 inches of DUCT TAPE (or more if needed!).

Step 4: Position the DUCT TAPE Under the Pocket

Working on a flat surface, smooth out the pocket and place the DUCT TAPE under the pocket as shown.

Make sure to leave about a 1/4 inch along the straight side of the pocket as shown so the DUCT TAPE can stick to itself.

Step 5: Fold the DUCT TAPE Over

Carefully fold the DUCT TAPE over and align the edges of the DUCT TAPE.

Step 6: Firmly Press the DUCT TAPE in Place

Take your time and press that DUCT TAPE in place. Really smash it down and work it into the cloth.


Step 7: Here Is an Actual Repair That Has Lasted Years....

People might think that this is a temporary repair.

But here is a photo of a actual DUCT TAPE repair that has lasted years.

There now - Now go and fix the World!

<p>Alternative way is to fix it from the inside of the pocket. Inside-out the pocket fabric, apply a patch of duct tape similar to your description and then &quot;outside-in&quot; it again. Advantage is that your skin does not come into contact with the plastic or adhesive.</p><p>Optionally use some fabric based band-aid for that extra-smooth touch in your pocket (temporary solution, will come off after washing).</p>
<p>Duct tape is awesome!</p>
I carry way to much stuff for duct tape to hold, besides they get gummy and pull on my leg hair.<br>Iron on patches work better and last longer. IMHO
I can confirm this works as well, I've done it a couple times a few years ago and it's lasted well!
if it cant be fixed with duck tape, use more duck tape, good job.
<p>YEAH! I've repaired some parts of old jeans this way. People think it's going to come off when you wash/dry it, but actually the adhesive part of the tape sort of melts into the fabric and it becomes a semi permanent fix. Thanks for this, I can confirm that it works really well.</p>
<p>I told my dog I was about to 'go forth and fix the world,' and he crawled under the bed and wouldn't come out for <em>hours. </em>=)</p>

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