A very easy drawing of a hole in paper.

Step 1: The Shape

First create a thin, 3-4 inch wide, oval. Much likes the one seen. It doesn't have to be light but make sure it's not too dark.

Step 2: Basics

Next draw an arch starting from the middle left going up and then end on the middle right(the peak should be less than a centimeter).

Step 3: Detail

Next add vertical lines within the boundary of the arc and the smaller side of the oval. Also retrace everything in a darker shade.

Step 4: Shading/Coloring

This next part is very easy. Fill in the larger part of the oval with a dark shade, the whole things does not have to be covered. Now take a tissue and smear it within the lines.

Step 5: Shading/Coloring

Now in the smaller part of the oval do the same things you did in step 4, except in the smaller part of the oval.

Step 6: Finishing Touch

now take the tissue you use to smear everything, and rub it around the hole like in the picture.

Step 7: You're Finished

You're finished! please make sure you check out some of my other instructables!
<p>good job</p>
<p>its actually very easy</p>
<p>It can also look like a coin a something stuck to the ceiling! </p>
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<p>people love them because it fools their eyes</p><p>sounds a bit idiotic when you put it that way ! :D</p>
<p>i will try it</p>
<p>you could have made it more realistic but I like it ?</p>
<p>you have been learned how to protrait and drawings ?</p>
Nice one :)

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