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Introduction: Hole Saw Cabbage Rolls

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I've been making cabbage rolls for years but I came up with the hole saw idea not that long ago.  The hole saw quickly separates the leaves of the cabbage from the cabbage core with a nice clean cut.

Step 1: Video Shows Ingredients and Process

The recipe is pretty flexible in terms of amounts and ingredients.  For example a bit of hot sauce in addition to what is shown is good.

Step 2: Coring Cabbage and Steaming

Step 3: Peeling Off Leaves

Step 4: Preparing Filling and Rolling

Step 5: Prepare for Cooking and Serving

Step 6: Voila!

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    an even easier way to soften the cabbage leaves. the day before you plan on cabbage rolls, Cut out your core use the hole drill if you want. Then put the whole cabbage in the freezer. next morning take it out and leave it to thaw till you are ready to cook. The leaves will be soft and you don't have to deal with boiling water.

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    I can see that working. (Relocating your tip to the "featured comment" and moving tructable's tip down a notch :)

    Thanks for making this a "featured" comment. Got a cabbage in the freezer now.

    Brilliant! But let me add my $0.02... If you are going to go and purchase a hole saw to do this may I recommend getting a 2 1/8" hole saw. This way you can core your cabbage AND drill your doors for lock sets.

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    That's awesome advice.

    Excellent idea/thought - thanks!

    I never did this before so don't this as me being rude. Would cutting 2" deep with a knife work?

    Anyone know how to get rid of this inappropriate/non-related video. No delete option and I flagged it several times??

    Thanks for the idea Wronger-Wronger.

    I love this idea. I never would have thought of this. I would have a few suggestions in the way of instructions. Even with flexible ingredients, it is always nice to have at least a list of things you like to add. Maybe even approximations of how much you like to add. I understand the video showed briefly the items used, but sometimes I prefer to read a recipe's list of ingredients rather than watch and guess. However the video is great, as it really clears up any questions on procedure. I hope you understand these are just suggestions of things I would possibly have changed/added, and I really appreciate your ible. Thank You

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    Thanks Tait! I was considering including a detailed list of ingredients and amounts but didn't want to make the instructable too long. My main objective was to get the hole saw idea presented here and submitted to the kitchen power tool contest. Each time I make cabbage rolls I just take a stab at amounts and often change/add ingredients depending on what's available, etc. What you see in the video is pretty well what I have been using for many years except the chopped garlic in the form shown is fairly new to me.

    Really cool touch, that power drill! :D

    Hint: try replacing those last spoonfulls of sauce with just about the same amount of regular cream.

    And start gathering vine leafs for brining, come winter they'll be the perfect stand-in for cabbage!


    However, too much salt in the mix I would say (this is not to lower your performance but to tell you I watch your video very closely ! lol)

    Thanks for posting !

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    BTW the video is great because it shows how to : too many recipes fail because we lack the touch or how to handle it !…

    So I really keep your video in a place in my mind.

    This is great but there's an easier way:

    =>Leave the Stem

    =>Hold the cabbage in one hand with the stem facing you.

    =>Strike the stem hard with the palm of your other hand, forcing the stem into the cabbage.

    =>Pull stem out and proceed with your recipe.

    This technique also works well with iceberg lettuce!