Holiday 3D Printed Ornament


Introduction: Holiday 3D Printed Ornament

This ornament was made using sketchUp and netfabb. SketchUp is a graphics program used for architecture, engineering, and prototyping. The sketchUp file is then exported to netfabb, a 3D printing program.

I am a student at DATA middle school and this is my first time using any 3D printing programs. I really enjoyed the opportunity to create and print a 3D ornament for this challenge and I am still learning more about prototyping and 3D printing.

To make this ornament, I started by creating a hexagon in sketchup, by clicking the hexagon tool and drawing it to my desired size. Then, I just started experimenting to see what shapes and designs I could create. Some of the shapes I used in my design were, circles, hexagons and lines. Once satisfied with my design, I selected the push/pull tool to make the design 3D. You then can pull the design to the height that you would like.

I chose to do a star in the center of my ornament. I made the star with lines (and guide lines). Some other designs that you may chose are, a christmas tree, a snowflake, santa's sleigh, a candle (or candles), a cross, or whatever else you'd like.

I hope you like it and have a fun time making it!



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    what an awesome project - welcome to the Instructables community!