Sick of those same old tired holiday decorations you've been putting up each year since avocado appliances were in vogue?  Well fear not because it stops today.  This project will give you everything you need to bring the beauty and warmth of holiday baby doll hands into your very own home.

Step 1: Stuff You're Gonna Need...


2 Plastic baby doll arms & hands (try a craft store if you can't beg any off your sister)
Plaster of Paris
1-2 Tubes silicone caulk   (any kind will work I like the clear 100% silicone stuff)
Gold and Silver KRYLON spray paint
A piece of scrap wood and a couple screws
Cooking spray   (optional)


Small paintbrush  (don't use your favorite sable brush, it's gonna get trashed)
Caulking gun
Cup of soapy water
Paper towels
Tub and stick for mixing plaster
Latex gloves
Nothing says Christmas like cute pudgy baby hands!
hear! hear!
Scaryyyyy !!! <br>and funny!<br>
Wow, I have really got to hand it to you! You sure put your finger on decorating expertise, here. Looks like it took a lot of elbow grease to get this project on its feet (no, that's a different I'ble)...
OHHH, cute wittle baby feet! Maybe in pastels for Easter?<br>Cast a test tube in them for bud vases? I feel an I'ble spawning. <br> Just have to make sure it toes the line<br>
Sounds great! Just stay organized, or you'll have a hard time bringing it to heel.
Ha! I see what u did there. . .

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