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I wanted to add a little detail to my dining room chairs for Christmas. My theme was white, Silver and burlap. I searched stores and online but I could not find white covers and the few covers I did find were a fortune. So I decided to break out the sewing machine my mom gave us and try my hand at sewing. Here are the results.

Step 1: I Always Make Blueprints.

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I believe in planning my projects to minimize waste. I knew how big I wanted these chair ties to be, so with a little compromising I fit all the pieces of fabric I needed onto the smallest piece of fabric I could get away with. I also had enough left for a table runner.

Step 2: The Ties

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The ties are made of one piece of fabric each with each edge double folded and then sewn down. Fabric has a front and back so you have to pay attention. I found it easier to fold the edge and press with an iron before pinning it but then again this is only the second project I have used a sewing machine for.

Step 3: Chair Cover and Final Assembly.

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After I had all the ties pressed and sewn, I hemmed the two edges bottom edges that would be the opening of the chair cover. Then paying close attention to the front and back of the fabric I folded up the sides and placed them inside the inside out cover. This way when you sew up the sides and turn the cover inside out again the ties will now be on the outside and the rough edge on the inside.

My chairs are tapered slightly so I had to make the cover big enough for the top. As you can see from the title picture, when you tie them the extra fabric gathers in the back and the front looks fitted.


VcetakUA (author)2017-09-30

Great idea and performance. I'll try to apply in my house.

Swansong (author)2017-09-29

Those look beautiful, you did a great job!

DonM51 (author)Swansong2017-09-29

Thank you. It was a great project to introduce me to sewing.

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