how often are you buying supplies for your thanks giving dinner but don't want to make boring old pie and ice cream for dessert? well if so youve come to the right place. Now, before we start plaese note that this takes very little time to make, so its a pretty good last minute thing.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
shopping list:
1.mixing bowl
2.pretty serving tray of some sort
3.chocolate wafers
5.ultra pasteurized heavy whipping cream
6.electric whisk (non electric works well to but electric is easier and faster)
7.stiry thingy

If u already have some of these things no need to buy them!!!!

Step 2: Time to make some whip cream!

O.K. lets get started! start by pouring all of the cream into your mixing bowl, start stirring with your wisk or electric whisk after about 1 minute of stirring add some sugar (be generous) now stir for about five more minutes add more sugar not as much this time after about 8-10 minutes it should be whip cream DO NOT  stir any more after it becomes whipped cream or you will make butter very sweet butter!!
maquereau5 years ago
this is one of those great oldfashioned 50's desserts...
as i recall,when you slice it,do so on a slant or kind of diagonally so that it holds together better...or not
acexkeikai5 years ago
I do the same thing with ice cream and do a whipped cream "icing"
good eats =9