Super simple, divinely delicious with an old fashion technique and modern goodness!

Only 4 ingredients for the dough this is a simple and easy to make 2 part process.  Each part only takes minutes before the fun begins of dipping and tying!  After baking you end up with healthy, delicious, holiday treats!

Step 1: Dough

Ingredients Dough:
1 cup natural leaven (sour dough start)
6 cups water
2 TB sea salt
13 - 16 cups whole grain flour, freshly ground, (soft white wheat berries)
How would someone make these without a mixer? Also what about having frosting on them do you know any somewhat healthy options for frosting?
you can just knead the dough by hand as you would for bread. Start it all in a large bowl and once it's dough consistency move it to the counter and knead for 5 - 10 min. As far as frosting, they are very sweet on their own and the butter and sugar and cinnamon on the bottom turn into a glaze so I wouldn't recommend adding frosting. If you still want to I would use coconut oil, raw honey vanilla and salt, but it would be just as gooey as the glaze. :)
Looks tasty! I wouldn't exactly call these "healthy", but most certainly "yummy"!
Thank you so much for your comment. :) They most definitely are yummy, and compared to many other treats they are a healthier choice. Which is why I call them healthy. Simple ingredients made from whole foods in my opinion constitutes a healthy treat. The sugar is the only thing that is not in the healthy category, but hey... life's gotta be a little sweet right? ;D
Hey Janae! Love to see you here and glad to know you are conquering the world with healthy food still! :) Let's be neighbors again someday! In the meantime, we'll make some sugary knots! :) Mine wont be as healthy though!
Hi Natalie! Love your work here too! You're so amazing and I would so love to be neighbors, in the mean time I'm gonna paint me some awesome frames and make a picture collage on my wall inspired by you of course! :D
They look really yummy. Your title is a little misleading, though, as sourdough starter still contains yeast. It may not be the commercial stuff, but it's still yeast.
You know what, you're right... it's been awhile since I studies breads and yeasts. I'll have to look into that. I suppose even wild yeast would constitute yeast. Thanks for the comment. :)
Oh wow, these look divine!

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