Introduction: Holiday Cotton Ball Decoration

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Step 1: Buy Cotton Balls

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But your choice of cotton balls from your local store make sure u have as many as u need it depends how much u want

Step 2: Get Food Coloring

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Have your choice of food coloring and use colors of the holiday coming up or just any colors of the season

Step 3: Drop on Carefully

Picture of Drop on Carefully

Start putting food coloring on your cotton very slowly and carefully try to lay out some newspaper before u do so

Step 4: Blow Dry Slowly

Picture of Blow Dry Slowly

Make sure you have the blow dryer of your choice on very low or and use gloves to hold the cotton ball and blow dry slowly for 5 minutes then let it sit for 5 more

Step 5: Have a Display of Colors

Picture of Have a Display of Colors

Have them set up in patterns designs or however you like them in a bag a glass bowl ect. And then your done with this classic holiday home decoration


darren_love123456789 (author)2013-12-28

That's a very unique idea thanks

gagapoo21 (author)2013-12-28

That's so cool!!!

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