Picture of Holiday DIY: Ombre ornaments
Christmas movies and specials have played a big role in the way we cherish this time of year. There’s nothing better than watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. They give us something pretty fun to relate to at this time of year. So we thought we’d pay homage to these movies by creating a series of holiday DIYs inspired by our favorite holiday films.

First up, Home Alone.

There are so many scenes in this film that stick out in our memories, but the one we thought we’d reference is when Marv the burglar steps on the glass ornament booby trap. We’ve put a modern spin on our own set of glass ornaments, because although some things about the ’90s are rad, others need to be updated.

Step 1:

Picture of
What you’ll need:
All of these items should be available at your local craft store.