I usually make mini foam tombstones for people to put on their desks around Halloween time, but I thought I'd try something related to Christmas.  It's nice to personalize your space and show your holiday spirit.

I did two different versions of this, both with EPS foam (the type made of compressed foam beads).  The main version is easily done by someone with a serrated knife and the second was sculpted with a hot knife.

Step 1: Supplies

Basics Materials:

-Small amount of EPS foam
-Appropriate glue for foam
-3/4 inch PVC pipe (I used a piece approximately 13 inches long)
-White spray paint (Suitable for painting plastic)
-Red spray paint
-Mod Podge sealer/glue (I used the gloss version)
-Plastic Christmas Tree ornament (Bought a bunch at Dollar Tree for 50% off after Xmas- you never know when you'll need a  round object for a craft)
-Painter's tape
-Glue suitable for attaching the Christmas ornament to the PVC pipe


-Saw or PVC pipe cutter
-Knife for cutting/shaping foam (Hot Wire cutting tool optional)
-Paint brushes
-Sand Paper


-Clear spray or brush-able sealant
-Latex gloves for spray painting
-Dust mask
-Wood Skewers
Very nice. I'd like to scale this down to make Christmas dinner place cards.
I think that would be easy to do and would look great!

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