This is a great holiday craft to make with kids. It works well for many ages. Young kids can decorate pre-strung garland with stickers. Older kids can use letter stickers to spell out phrases. As skills increase, kids can sew together pre-punched garland, punch holes, and cut letters and shapes to decorate the garlands.

Step 1: Supplies

Milk jug lids
Friendship bracelet cord/cotton thread
Decorative paper and/or holiday stickers

I used flat pop off/push on milk lids, but the screw type should work also.
<p>I have the let it snow garland on my dorm room wall!</p>
You could Also use can lids and glue on cut out Christmas cards or any other pics from magazines, flyers etc. I have been making wind chimes this way and varathane them once finished.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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