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Introduction: Holiday Orange Wedges!

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Actually, these are good for anytime, but they go over big at parties, and with the holidays here, why not bring something that everybody raves about, but is really easy!

Step 1: Assemble Utensils and Food

Obviously, you'll need some type of gelatin, oranges, and something to make the gelatin in. If I was smart, I'd be able to tell you how many oranges you'll be able to fill with one package of gelatin. It also depends on how big your oranges are. Normally, I make these for parties, so I just buy a whole bunch of oranges, and a whole bunch of gelatin. I've never had a problem with leftover gelatin! I used orange just for demonstration purposes, you can use any color you like. While we're talking about things you want to add, check out this website: I don't recommend using the highest amount of booze you can use, as you want a little more structural integrity in your gelatin. Oh yeah, the one thing I forgot, a tray to put your oranges on, as you'll see why later.

Step 2: Orange Prep

Cut your oranges in half, through the middle.

Step 3: Making the Molds

Using a spoon, carefully scoop out the pulp of the oranges. If you're careful, you can get it all in one piece. Unfortunately, at my local grocery store, they only had navel oranges for sale individually. When I scooped out the pulp on the half with the "navel" it came with the pulp, rendering my mold useless. Oh yeah, now you gots lots of pulp.....Fruit salad time! You can now kick scurvy square in the nuts.

Step 4: Fill Your Molds

If you're reading Instructables, you can make gelatin, so I'll spare you that. While you're boiling the water, get your molds ready. The way I normally do it is to dampen some paper towels, crumple them up a bit, and place them in a baking dish. Then I place the molds on the "stands" so they sit upright, and don't tip over. As soon as the gelatin is ready, fill them up as far as you can. The baking dish will catch the spills.

Step 5: Refrigerate and Wait

Most gelatin needs around 4 hours to really set, and overnight wouldn't hurt at all. Especially if you've added your own antifreeze to them! Anyway, if you make a mess, clean it up, because your wife didn't spend all day yesterday cleaning up the kitchen and the refrigerator just so you could come in and make a mess for some stupid website you're always wasting your time on!

Step 6: Party Time!

After your gelatin is good and set, it's time to cut them into wedges. Take your time here, patience is a virtue. Even if they're not perfect, they still look cool, so don't worry about that. The gelatin likes to stick to the knife if you're not careful, and it can pull away from the rind, so pay attention! Now, you might want to get fancy, and dip one side in sugar, but you can only do this immediately before serving, as sugar is hygroscopic, and it'll draw the moisture out of the gelatin, and make it melt. Enjoy! Here is another example of Jello wedges:



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    Wow awesome

    really cool! this would be fun for the kids to get in their lunch box at school :)

    3 words... "Holiday Watermelon Wedges" I CLAIM ALL RIGHTS FOR THAT IDEA!!!

    It was already taken on Dec 3, 2008. 2:11 PM by ranm. Read the comments!

    Darn it! Well, HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN WEDGES! (Yuck...) -PKT

    I've made these twice and they disappeared instantly both times. I used cherry and lime gelatin, and they came out looking awesome. Thanks for the cool idea.

    You can spray the knife with pam before cutting to prevent the gelatin from sticking to it. : )

    Haha very creative! I didn't have any oranges, so i used grapefruits. I had no cherry or strawberry jello left, so i had to do with blue jello. They are cooling in the fridge right now, and i cant wait for them to come out!