Picture of Holiday Orange Wedges!
Actually, these are good for anytime, but they go over big at parties, and with the holidays here, why not bring something that everybody raves about, but is really easy!

Step 1: Assemble utensils and food

Picture of Assemble utensils and food
Obviously, you'll need some type of gelatin, oranges, and something to make the gelatin in. If I was smart, I'd be able to tell you how many oranges you'll be able to fill with one package of gelatin. It also depends on how big your oranges are. Normally, I make these for parties, so I just buy a whole bunch of oranges, and a whole bunch of gelatin. I've never had a problem with leftover gelatin! I used orange just for demonstration purposes, you can use any color you like. While we're talking about things you want to add, check out this website: http://www.myscienceproject.org/j-shot.html I don't recommend using the highest amount of booze you can use, as you want a little more structural integrity in your gelatin. Oh yeah, the one thing I forgot, a tray to put your oranges on, as you'll see why later.
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20kdk1 year ago
Wow awesome
baba875 years ago
really cool! this would be fun for the kids to get in their lunch box at school :)
Ha ha. This is awesome!
PKTraceur6 years ago
3 words... "Holiday Watermelon Wedges" I CLAIM ALL RIGHTS FOR THAT IDEA!!!
It was already taken on Dec 3, 2008. 2:11 PM by ranm. Read the comments!
sambev6 years ago
I've made these twice and they disappeared instantly both times. I used cherry and lime gelatin, and they came out looking awesome. Thanks for the cool idea.
RisingSun6 years ago
You can spray the knife with pam before cutting to prevent the gelatin from sticking to it. : )
marine123206 years ago
Haha very creative! I didn't have any oranges, so i used grapefruits. I had no cherry or strawberry jello left, so i had to do with blue jello. They are cooling in the fridge right now, and i cant wait for them to come out!
paintchick6 years ago
I made these for a dinner party recently with a small change. I wanted to be able to eat the mold. I cut apple pears in half, hollowed them out with a melon scoop, put them in a muffin tin to support them and filled with orange jello. When they were gelled I cut them into wedges. They were super delish and didn't last long. The leftover pear insides went into the leftover jello in a bowl and became dessert for a later time. Yum. Thanks for a fun idea!
Awesome Bye im going to make some now Seriously
=SMART=6 years ago
awesome im going to make this for christmas dinner !
Dinner? LOL!!!
drlisamedel6 years ago
LOVE this idea! Totally awesome.
amadanj6 years ago
This was a great idea. I made these for christmas lunch for my mother in law. she loved them. I just cut the navel end out of the orange and scooped the orange pulp out with a knife and spoon. Then I inverted them in a glass and poured in the jello. Once it set, I sliced some into wedges and one I left whole and set it on the center of the plate.
When i was a kid, i had to have some special ed. They worked a lot at getting my left hemisphere to connect with my right hemisphere. I couldn't even lift my right hand and left leg at the same time. You may see some strange questions from me in this group. I'm not trying to look daft- i just don't always get it. please be patient. I love coming to this site. thanks
maybe someone already suggested this, and i haven't seen it. ..What would happen if you cut the orange in half, removed the pulp, filled each half with unset jello, put it in the fridge to set, and then cut it into quarters after it set, does anyone know if this would work??
That's what it says to do......
o.k..so I'm "instruction challenged"-I admit it lol, my brain must have looked at the picture and translated it to say fill each quarter separately. I have spatial relationship problems actually-it's a brain thing. sorry
rattyrain6 years ago
That's what the instructions suggest.
Ah I love that haha I wonder what other kind of fruit you can use.
How about a big melon! Whoa ;D Green and red, nice combo!
Arbitror ranm6 years ago
I don't think they have watermelon jello...
I think....I may have seen watermellon jello, but I'm not sure. I'll check the JELLO site. This project looks pretty cool!
watermelon is the most abundant flavor where I live - now I'm seriously tempted to try this...but you'd need a hacksaw to get through the frozen rind... but strawberry sounds good. for a serious challenge, try Blueberry or Cherry jellos :-P I don't know if they sell this anymore, but Oreo Jello used to be my favorite - can you imagine the possibilities?? those awesome Oreo pie crusts with Oreo jello...
There is such thing as oreo jello, but its actually called oreo pudding, made by the company Jello...
yeah we used to make it all the time (everyone I knew insisted on calling anything by Jello as jello....I guess pudding by Jello just didn't sit right with them). The stores around here stopped carrying it about 4 or 5 years ago though....I thought it died. By the way, I like the lemon wedges - I think I'll try making orange, lemon and (key) lime wedges for Christmas
volquete ranm6 years ago
wow, i might try that. after i try the oranges though! XP
This is an awesome idea! it looks great too, and I can't even imagine all the possibilities! AH!
Browncoat6 years ago
What do you do if the navel comes out? Could use pics of your "stands."
yummy weadge
ehensel1 (author)  Browncoat6 years ago
If the navel comes out, that mold is useless. As far as stands go, I'm gonna start doing what SoapyHollow suggested, and just put down a layer of rice! Good luck!
Bloonie6 years ago
I am going to make this for my work Christmas party. So easy but looks great and I have the oranges in my backyard. They will love it and the children do love Jello. Thanks for this super Instructable.
In the summer I make them the same way only i use half the water amount and make up the rest in vodka! (you can use less alcohol) and then put them in the freezer so they're super cold and a bit slushy they make great pinic coolers or great for parties but only have a couple as they do make you quite tipsy! Also if your feeling fancy - and super well prepared you can fill them half way with one colour say yellow, wait for that to set and then fill the rest with orange creating a stripey effect.
megmcfer376 years ago
Great idea!
Mikey D6 years ago
Awesome! I just found the next pot luck item for the book club. No shots tho, it's at the school!
SoapyHollow6 years ago
When I'm doing molds with a non-flat bottom, I find that a layer of rice (about 1/4 inch or so) works great for holding the molds stationary. This is a groovy idea and I love the execution! Gorgeous.
KentonLee256 years ago
instead of getting all the orange off, i left some fruit chunks inside, it was epic
Arbitror6 years ago
Check out my Jello Lemon Wedges!
AXHEJAZ6 years ago
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