Picture of Holiday Ribbon Secret Money Container Updated
My college age son and I talked about ideas for the instructables Secret Compartment and Doors contest on a recent walk. When I got home and started wrapping Christmas presents, I realized ribbon spools would make a great secret container. I was so excited that I woke up my son to share my idea. Of course, my husband helped with construction tips.

This container would make a great prank holiday gift. I plan to wrap my daughter's Christmas money in the one I made with my son's and husband's help.

When I went to wrap my daughter's gift, I noticed my container was slightly loose. I added a rubber band for a tighter fit.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
2 Spools of ribbon
Cardboard (e.g., back of a legal pad)
Construction paper that matches the color of the inside of the ribbon spool (optional)
Rubber band (optional)

I used two identical spools of ribbon. If you use different spools, make sure the sizes and descriptions on the spools match so the secret is maintained.

Mayakelkar1 year ago

It was definately a fun way to add humor to Christmas morning :)

lvaladezjr1 year ago
very cool idea!
that is amazing