My college age son and I talked about ideas for the instructables Secret Compartment and Doors contest on a recent walk. When I got home and started wrapping Christmas presents, I realized ribbon spools would make a great secret container. I was so excited that I woke up my son to share my idea. Of course, my husband helped with construction tips.

This container would make a great prank holiday gift. I plan to wrap my daughter's Christmas money in the one I made with my son's and husband's help.

When I went to wrap my daughter's gift, I noticed my container was slightly loose. I added a rubber band for a tighter fit.

Step 1: Materials

2 Spools of ribbon
Cardboard (e.g., back of a legal pad)
Construction paper that matches the color of the inside of the ribbon spool (optional)
Rubber band (optional)

I used two identical spools of ribbon. If you use different spools, make sure the sizes and descriptions on the spools match so the secret is maintained.

<p>It was definately a fun way to add humor to Christmas morning :)</p>
very cool idea!
that is amazing

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