There's no better way to welcome the holiday season (and your guests) than with a beautiful wreath on your front door! Wanting to do a modern take on this decorating classic, I had Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Design in San Francisco (www.lilabdesign.com) show me how to get creative and fresh with holiday greens.

Step 1: Modern Ingredients

I jumped out of bed nice and early (read: 5:30am) and went with Baylor to the SF flower market to get the supplies for our project. I was amazed at all the beautiful things there were to choose from!

After some coffee fueled browsing, we decided on the above ingredients: bright and delicate greens and unusual 'living' color pops that would make a wreath color correct for the season, but unique and in keeping with my modern aesthetic.

1. Grevillea foliage - x 1 bunches
2. Heavenly Bamboo - x 1 branch
3. Leucadendron - x 5
4. Dried Bougainvillea - x 1 branch
5. Earth Star (bromeliad) - x 1 in a 2 1/2 inch pot
6. Pin Cushion flowers - x 2
7. Poppy pods - x 6
8. Redwood (sequoia sempervirens) sprigs - x 1 bunch

*Quantities listed above are for one wreath made on an 8" wreath frame. If you'd like to make a bigger wreath, buy a larger wire frame, up the greens quantities accordingly and follow the same instructions as for the 8".

If you have trouble finding the above from your local nursery or florist, choose things you're drawn to. Just make sure you have a variety of colors and shapes/sizes - at least two different smallish spriggy greens and a few hardy flower/succulent/bromeliads (something that will last and keep looking good out of water or is dried).
<p>I love this! So pretty.</p>
Paige- a treat t work w u and Instructables! thank u for coming by the lila b studio -
this is gorgeous!
This is beautiful! I love the photos!!

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