Step 5: Updates

Picture of Updates
Ok, I have made some updates to it since I posted this instructible.

1. I cut the kink out, making the flow faster and it cools better.

2. I got another cooler that is bigger, more insulated, and doesn't leak(FINALLY! No more moldy carpets!)

3. I have re-worked the system with a radiator!

4. I also added some safety labels, pic 3.

5. I added an internal coil of copper to the cooler. The returning water runs through the copper, transferring more heat. This method works a lot better than my original method.

6. I insulated the water lines

7. I added more copper on the back of the fan for more heat exchange.

8. I made another version. http://www.instructables.com/id/home-made-air-conditioner-version-two/#
hooty1026 years ago
Hey, just to let you know, I threw this together in a couple hours yesterday afternoon during the heat and oh man! It RULES for being a quick and cheap alternative to buying a portable AC unit for my apartment. I've got pictures if you ever want to see how I did it.
plucky11 year ago
Plz add the mimium temperature..
Hairman3 years ago
I do love this idea, however I wanted to ask you what the electricity use is on the fan and the pump, and also the creating of the ice? This you say cost about $80, and I was able to purchase a small, 5,000 btu air con unit for just under $100 bucks Canadian, and it is high efficiency. I was wondering if there is a point where the payout is not there. I know first hand that having fans on in the summer sometimes for hours, equals the use of the air conditioner since the air con need not run in continuous. Again, I applaud your work. I was just considering what I have already considered every summer, as obviously you have too.
How about using the toilet tank? In the US all accept the most expensive low water toilets have a large enough tank. This would eliminate the cooler, the water would circulate avoiding unwanted mold/bacteria, each flush would bring in cool water, and the pump and cold packs would reduce water usage.
I freaking love this idea.
its entirely doable, if you're willing to have a decent length of tubing running through your house. It might be a great way to cool a bedroom thats near a bathroom though... Great Green idea!
papi1984235 years ago
hwy where can i buy that kit and how much u spend for all that kit let me know pls thanks