Hollow Bed Post Gun Storage





Introduction: Hollow Bed Post Gun Storage

If you kick in my door in the middle of the night, you better be ready to deal with the consequences.

Step 1: Remove the Post Cap.

My bedpost on my bed frame is rather wide. Perfect for stashing burglar deterrents.

I started by putting a block of scrap wood under the lip of the post cap and tapping it loose with a hammer.

It was secured with glue and 4 dowels (one on each side)

As soon as I had enough clearance I sawed through the dowels with a fine tooth razor saw.

Step 2: Modify the Post

The hole down the center of the post is deep. So to bring the bottom up to a level where I can easily grab my gear, I built a leg.

I measured the distance to the bottom of the post and subtracted the distance I wanted the shelf to be from the top.

It is simply a piece of scrap 2x4 from my garage with a piece of square plywood attached with one screw. I cut the plywood square about 1/8" less than the opening to make an easy fit.

Once assembled the leg just drops in.

I chiseled out notches in the post and the cap so I could mount a small hinge and still have the cap sit flush.
Then using a fortsner bit I drilled holes to allow rare-earth magnets to be flush mounted. I initially glued them in, but that didn't hold. So at the bottom of each magnet hole, I drove a bugle head (flat top) screw in. I then use expanding polyurethane glue (Gorilla) and set the magnets in. Then I had to chisel a grove to mount the flat metal bar on the cap. I think it may have been overkill, but I mounted 2 magnets behind the bar as well.

It works great. You really have to pull hard to open it.

Step 3: Load Up Your Gear

My security blanket...

I live in a nice neighborhood. I have polite, nice, quiet neighbors.

But I also have a wife and two kids who know that I'll do anything to keep them from harm.



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    I LIKE it! My bed has 4x4 solid corner posts, so that's a no go for me. :-(
    Just living in a nice neighborhood is not enough unfortunately. Bad people go to nice neighborhoods to do their deeds because that's where the nice stuff is found.
    Thanks for sharing!

    While I love the idea and the instructable, I have met some estate sale folks who have sold guns to people hidden in books and other objects.

    1 reply

    Freaking terrific brother. I've done something like this to a few items in the past but that is well done.

    Super cool

    Great minds think alike! Nice work, stay safe

    well done. what would be a good idea is to add just a dab of glue to the edge of the box, not enough to glue it shut but if by some chance a kid where to get curius and try to open it they wouldnt be able to apply enough force to get it open were as an adult could easliy lift the lid forcing the glue to break. this would complete the illusion of a completely inocuos bed post. but im not responsible if you end up using too much glue that you cant pry it open again....

    I would put in a heavy duty latch opened wit a hidden wire to store other valubles.

    Just like the movie Heavyweights, but they hid candy in theirs. Lol

    Heh! If I was your neighbour, I'd be polite, nice and quiet too! :]

    Great idea and well executed - um, I mean made...

    useful for hidding other things other than guns too!

    Why would you ever put a lock of any kind on a gun? May as well keep a rock next to your bed lol

    1 reply

    I keep the rocks on the wife's side of the bed

    I love your idea. I was tempted to make a holster out of an old pair of jeans in my closet, but now with my cabinet in my room that would kind of be redundant.

    Very well done. I especially appreciate the part about removing the cap.