Step 2: Hollow the Book

The first step once all of the materials and tools are gathered is to prepare the book.  I wrap the first couple pages and the front cover in plastic wrap to protect them from the glue.  Next I squirt glue onto a plate and brush it onto the pages of the closed book.  People recommend a water glue mixture but I have found I like to use just glue.  It dries clear and hard.  Try and brush with the grain of the pages, also I usually do 3-5 coats of glue.

Next you take a pencil and draw an outline of where the hollowed portion of the book should be.  After outlining where to cut, take a razor blade and cut along the lines.  As you cut the shape peel the pages out of the center.

After cutting through 50 or so pages I usually brush the sides of the inside with glue and let it dry before continuing (it just adds a little stability).  Continue cutting and peeling out pages until you reach the desired depth.

Finally re-paint the outside pages and inside pages with another coat of glue.

For some books I have place the title page in the bottom, or a picture from the book.  In this gift book I measured out the inside edges and cut out felt to fit inside.  I glued it with the elmers glue, but I think it would work just as well (and faster) to use hot glue.
I'm not sure, the deal with the highlighter was that the more concentrated the more visible light was perceived. So if you don't dilute it enough it will show up a little in the light
This is a fun idea - I think it would be fun for a cub scouts project. One of their requirements is writing in secret code and every boy likes to have a secret hiding place!
I think so, too. You can also include a link to a code generator, like this one: http://www.exciting-stories.co.uk/code_generator.htm
Were I to boil the diluted highlighter mixture, would it show up better when made to fluoresce?
I've been trying to do a book & been struggling a bit. Of course! Glue the pages FIRST!!! Thank you!
Fantastic! What a great present.
Thank you!

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