Step 4:

Put the sauce pan over medium heat and stir the marshmallow mixture it until the marshmallows begin to melt,
That looks suuuuper tasty!
You're welcome and thank you for looking.
Thank you.
You're welcome and thank you for looking.
Thank you! I like it!
You're welcome, and thank you for looking.
Love the idea......anyone with ideas on how to properly use food coloring to make more traditional dyed egg look? Color the rice cereal before making? Use the food coloring as a &quot;paint&quot; (and how to mix it right to not alter the taste)? These would be great treats for Easter parties.<br>
I have used food coloring in the marshmallow mixture before. I don't know about the food coloring paint though. Will need to do some research. Thank you for looking. Thanks for looking.
All I can say is Awesome but one little error mini M &amp; M's not mimi I love Rice Crispy Treats I made the Fruity Crispy ones once Almost had a sugar Coma
Corrected. Thank you!
So glad that someone made it into an Instructable! I saw that commercial too and wondered if anyone would :)
Thank you!

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