Picture of Hollowed Out Stack of Paper
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This is a cool hollowed out stack of papers. It looks official, yet its really just a hollow storage container made from paper. It closes magnetically for durability. It is a great way to hide your important valuables in plain sight!!! Or quckily tuck away your iPod/iPhone before someone enters the room!!  You can even put a microphone in there and secretly record conversations with friends. This is a one of a kind official looking piece of creativity!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.40.47 PM.png
For this phony stack of papers you will need:

Mod Podge (Paper - Matte)
A paintbrush
A stack of paper (about an inch tall)
An X-ACTO knife
A drill or drill press
8 round rare earth magnets (3/8in. diameter)
A drill bit with the same diameter as the magnets (3/8in. diameter)
A ruler
A piece of wood (about 4in. x 4in. x0.5in.)

A pencil
Wax paper
An adhesive roller
Colored sticky notes

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Start by removing 30 sheets of paper from your stack of papers. (This way you will have 15 to cover the top and 15 to cover the bottom when you are finished.) Once you have removed 30 sheets, you need to use a pencil to draw the shape and size of your hole. Then you need to start cutting. Use your X-ACTO knife to cut out the pencil-marked area. You will need to continue to do this until you cut all the way through. (You may want a cutting board so that you do not damage the surface you are cutting on.) There will be a lot of layers to cut through, but take your time and try to keep the hole the same size the further down you cut. This step does require a lot of patience.
Bban21 days ago
Awesome. I didn't use magnets at all and the wait of several papers kept it down. I also glued to sides so it kept the whole pile together.
if only i had a job (sigh):(
CurtR1 year ago
This is well done . Instead of magnets opposite each other you could use small circles cut from a tin can lid on one side, opposite the magnets.
aristocob1 year ago
Very clever. Now I'll finally have a place to store my Post-it note pad.
This is my favourite comment because I totally understand what you mean. xD
13 9:51 PM.jpg
That's really cool now I have a secret hiding place for my phone!:)
Broberg1 year ago
I always have a stack of paperwork on my desk... I like this...
You could take the fake paperwork one step further by taking another stack of 'work' and stapling them together before glueing the last couple pages to the top... so you can 'sort through them' as the boss walks in...
poppyhi1 year ago
Nikkinak441 year ago
So cool!
M3G1 year ago
goldlego (author)  M3G1 year ago
Thank you!