Halloween Costume Making With Pepakura





Introduction: Halloween Costume Making With Pepakura

Watch the whole thing to see how to make a Halo Helm!
This tutorial shows the basics of Pepakura Designer 2 and has other practical applications as well.
Have Fun.



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    Awesome!!! The other thing about making a helmet is that you can put a bondo coat on the outside before the fiberglass. it adds that "childproofing" that keeps it tough and almost unbreakable.

    My uncle showed me the program before but I've always wanted to figure out how to make the cardstock more solid should I try it, THANKS! so much, I am gonna try to make a Spartan II outfit for Halloween

    look up "halo costuming wiki" then click "pepakura file index" this wiki has tons of halo armor... right now I'm making Mark 6 high detail.

    duuude that is so cool! please reply by emailing the program to me with the helmet.

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    just google the program, its easy and pretty much free

    ok but you didnt explain how can we do it too, what are the links for the things please help us

    wow! that looks awesome!

    Very impressive!

    the technique with the black paint is called distressing
    and if you want, you can put one coat of silver underneath to make it look like battle worn metal.

     i made the same helmet and it doesnt fit. Does it fit for you?

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    You might have to re-size it for your height. Check out 405th.com for instructions because I really don't know how :P

    its halloween not holloween

    very nice! I did this to make a bear head from a "big bear 40", just i used cardboard. it is surprisingly easy to do something like this. Great vid, came out better then most halo helms I have seen on here!!!