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Introduction: Hollywood Names - Paperworks and Photography

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* Again, this works great as a classroom project, but you can also do it with some friends or just for yourself. This is an entry for the make-it-real contest.

In this Instructable you will learn:
- construction and understanding of complex 3-dimensional forms and objects
- using a cutter and a ruler for precise paperworks
- taking the perfect photograph of your personal name in a stuning hollywood-style

What you need:
- sqared paper and a pointy pencil
- cutter and ruler to cut the forms
- standard paper glue
- download and print the attached 3D-font-template

Once you've prepared the required materials, the working process is quite self explaining:

1.) Check out the font-template and use your pencil to transfer your prefered letters to the squared paper. Try to make them as big as possible.

2.) Cut out the forms and glue them thogether (Make sure to fold all the edges before you start gluing. This will make your results more accurate).

3.) Now take your camera or mobile phone and go out to the yard to take your photograph! Be patient and try to experiment with different camera-angles and locations to get the perfect shot.

Enjoy your results!



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    As an extension, you can challenge them to produce less "pixelated" fonts in 3d.

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    Yes, you are right! I hope this gives an inspiring start.