Picture of Hollywood Sign!
Another build for Camp Cranium!  One BIG Hollywood Sign.  Made from OSB board and supported by re-bar stakes about 5' long driven into the ground.  We did light the sign at night with 4  500 watt work lamps.  The sign is quite easy to setup and take down.
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Step 1: Cutting the letters

- 9 Sheets of OSB Board
- 18 - 6'-1"x2" Firring strips (Came in packs of 12 at hardware store cheap and useful)
- Wood Screws
- Drywall Screws
- 34 Screw Eyes (Make sure rebar fits through eyes)
- 16 - 5' rebar sections
- 2 - 2' rebar sections
- White Paint - We used about 2 gallons semi gloss it worked good enough
- 4 - 500watt work lamps

- Circular saw
- Jigsaw
- Tape Measure
- Carpenter Square
- Drill
- 1/16" Drill Bit
- 1/4" Drill Bit

Step 2: Cutting the letters

Picture of Cutting the letters
All of the letters were cut 16" for the main legs of the letters with a 9" x 16" triangle cut at the exterior corners and a 3" x 5-3/16" triangle for the internal corners.  The second Picture shows the measurements for cutting the O's.  The H and L's are pretty simple to figure out.  The D is an O with two corners not cut.  The Y and W are just cut to look good I will measure and let everyone know what measurements I used. 

I used a circular saw and jigsaw to cut all letters.  Just make sure you have support under the entire letter the OSB board likes to bend during cutting.