Holster for a NERF Hammershot




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Introduction: Holster for a NERF Hammershot

This is a solution to carry your hammershot stylistically appropriate for modern live action roleplay's or during nerf wars.

Materials & tools list

- generic tactical holster
- elastic straps (like these or maybe wider)
- thread & needle
- knife or scissors

How to make

Cut the holster's rear seam (see picture). Sew in elastic straps. They should be a little bit smaller then the width of the Hammershot to keep them on tension when the gun is in the holster. Just sew them in. Don't forget the bottom strap to prevent the gun from falling through the holster.

That's it.

Vary it

The straps may be made of Velcro® strips to have the holster adaptable to other blasters.

Also it may be possible to use only one broad elastic strap, such as the second leg lace, which I needed to remove.

Acknowledgment to  Heckenschütze from blasted.de, who came up with the idea.



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