Picture of Holster your Banana, Buddy!
My youngest takes a packed lunch to school, and often takes a banana. Being six, his lunchbox tends to suffer more than its fair share of physical abuse.

So do the contents, so we bought him a Banana Guard.

This is fine, and works well, but the banana guard is twice the size of the banana. It doesn't fit in his lunch pack.

Naturally, then, he needed a cool way to carry his banana to school. Oh, and Kitewife said I wasn't allowed to damage the bananaguard, something about them being expensive...
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Step 1: A bit of a bodge

Picture of A bit of a bodge
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I decided to add an elasticated clip to the banana guard.

That meant I needed a piece of plastic for the clip. The piece I used came from the stick-out-to-catch-the-paper bit of an old printer. I forgot to take a picture of it in-situ, so I pieced it back together for the shot.

I was after a wider piece than I had available, so I had to hot-glue two pieces together. I trimmed off the oozed excess from the outside, but left it on the inside - partly because I expected the glue to provide extra friction, and partly because I was too lazy.

Step 2: Notches

Picture of Notches
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Remember, I was banned from damaging the banana guard, so I had to tie the clip on.

I made two notches in each side (thirty seconds with a hacksaw and the file attachment of my Leatherman), positioned to match up with the ventilation holes of the guard.

I then pinched a few inches of elastic from my wife's sewing box and tied the clip onto the guard by threading the elastic through the holes and notches.

Step 3: It works!

Picture of It works!
Look at that - it worked first time. OK, the picture isn't wonderful, but have you ever tried to take a photo of your own hip?

All I have to do now is persuade #2 son to actually use it...
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bumpus6 years ago
does kitekid like it?
Kiteman (author)  bumpus6 years ago
He did, but he says he doesn't like bananas now.
Bartboy Kiteman6 years ago
is kitekid real? cause I think if your kiteman, he'd be something like frissbee kid.
Kiteman (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
LOL, no, he's #2 son. The elder one is #1 son.
Wasagi Kiteman5 years ago
 Tell him that bananas are the best! 

And that Instructables is going to start a petition because bananas are the best.
Owenmon Wasagi5 years ago

I beg to differ...
Wasagi Owenmon5 years ago

Blast you IBBH!!
Bartboy Kiteman6 years ago
oh, how old is #1 son?
Kiteman (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
#1 is going on 12, #2 is going on 8
Bartboy Kiteman6 years ago
So maybe next year we might just see an account named kitekid? cause if so, you should make the account before its taken.
Bartboy Bartboy6 years ago
It still exists! take it NOW! Even if not ready for it, take it and keep it.
What about the second one? Kitekid2?
A 9 year old? A bit young for this, I think.
Yeah, but kids generally age. 9-year-olds eventually become 13-year-olds.
(removed by author or community request)
there like to pencils...if #2 is used most. why isn't it #1? :P
Kiteman (author)  DELETED_craz meanman6 years ago
Oh, I do call them that - they both know it's the order they were born in, not a measure of favouritism. It's a family tradition (started by my own father), pinched from a Charlie Chan film.
(removed by author or community request)
Kiteman (author)  DELETED_craz meanman6 years ago
It's been going 7 years now, no sign of damage. They're two of the brightest, sanest boys I know.
Lol... this reminds me of something it probably shouldn't - an athletic cup XD
(loved the part "something about them being expensive")
(removed by author or community request)
what if your banana isnt that shape or size??
Kiteman (author)  SkateboardingForLife5 years ago
Most seem to fit.
hcold6 years ago
It was expensive at 7$ USD? Rather, I won't question.
Kiteman (author)  hcold6 years ago
Not everybody has money to throw away on a whim. You'll notice that the vast majority of my projects cost almost nothing to make.
(removed by author or community request)
Aye, a sad sign of our decadent West, that people do pay for just that.
Bartboy hcold6 years ago
hes in england, so price is different could be 5 usd, or 14 usd, you never no.
myheadisfed6 years ago
Awesome. If I were six I'd totally wear it. Hell I'm 20 and still thinking about wearing it.
id wear one too :)
Kiteman (author)  myheadisfed6 years ago
unspecified7 years ago
So this is more like "how to rubberband a piece of plastic to an object"
Kiteman (author)  unspecified7 years ago
Ah, but it's done creatively, and with a specific purpose in mind.

Actually, it's redundant now, because he's started taking bags of dried fruit instead of bananas. So, the elastic came off, and the banana guard is back to it's original, pristine condition.
gotcha :)
Dorion7 years ago
Hell, MY first thought was that I'd wear this as a holster WITHOUT a banana (as I don't eat the foul things)! I think it looks sweetly silly. Nice idea, so is he using it? I'd be worried about the rough-n-tumble nature of a 6 year old being too much for the elastic to bear, if anything.
I'm more worried about the rough and tumble that would occur when Kiteman Jr. gets beat up by his peers because of this thing. Maybe Kiteman needs to make a bigger banana guard for Kiteman Jr. to wear as protective armor. ; ) Kids are mean. This just instructable would just give them ammunition. Very un-a"peeling". (Har-har)
Kiteman (author)  CementTruck7 years ago
Beaten up? He's six! Anyhoo, he may be small, but he's one of those naturally-popular kids. If he wore this, he'd be more likely to start a fashion than a riot. Trouble is, since I made it he's decided he doesn't like bananas. Kids!
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