Picture of Holster your Banana, Buddy!
My youngest takes a packed lunch to school, and often takes a banana. Being six, his lunchbox tends to suffer more than its fair share of physical abuse.

So do the contents, so we bought him a Banana Guard.

This is fine, and works well, but the banana guard is twice the size of the banana. It doesn't fit in his lunch pack.

Naturally, then, he needed a cool way to carry his banana to school. Oh, and Kitewife said I wasn't allowed to damage the bananaguard, something about them being expensive...
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Step 1: A bit of a bodge

Picture of A bit of a bodge
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I decided to add an elasticated clip to the banana guard.

That meant I needed a piece of plastic for the clip. The piece I used came from the stick-out-to-catch-the-paper bit of an old printer. I forgot to take a picture of it in-situ, so I pieced it back together for the shot.

I was after a wider piece than I had available, so I had to hot-glue two pieces together. I trimmed off the oozed excess from the outside, but left it on the inside - partly because I expected the glue to provide extra friction, and partly because I was too lazy.

Step 2: Notches

Picture of Notches
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Remember, I was banned from damaging the banana guard, so I had to tie the clip on.

I made two notches in each side (thirty seconds with a hacksaw and the file attachment of my Leatherman), positioned to match up with the ventilation holes of the guard.

I then pinched a few inches of elastic from my wife's sewing box and tied the clip onto the guard by threading the elastic through the holes and notches.

Step 3: It works!

Picture of It works!
Look at that - it worked first time. OK, the picture isn't wonderful, but have you ever tried to take a photo of your own hip?

All I have to do now is persuade #2 son to actually use it...