Picture of Homemade Mustache Wax
When growing a righteous mustache (moustache for the non-American readers), a man must sooner or later come to grips that he must use some tools to tame the labium superius oris beast. Trimming and combing can help out, but for the truly virtuous mustache, pomade is what you seek. Due to the location of the mustache, care must be given to the type of ointments. One might consume small portions of the product and thus one of the non-pronounceable ingredients.

I’ve chosen to go the all natural route, with a very simple recipe with equal parts beeswax and coconut oil.  Beeswax melts at body temperature and coconut oil is very heat stable, slow to oxidize, and resistant to rancidity (which is good for storage).  Both of these ingredients are human consumable, so I’m not worried about eating with the wax in use.

For a small batch that should last a few weeks, I went with 1 oz (by weight) of each.  you will only need one tool; a double boiler (and I guess a scale).

1) Start by bringing 2” of water to a boil.
2) Add the beeswax and stir till its completely melted.  Be careful with this, aerosoled beeswax can ignite and possible explode, so go easy with the heat.
3) Add the coconut oil and stir till melted and completely mixed.
4) Pour into some heat resistant storage container (I chose a small Pyrex glass tray).
5) Let it cool down for 30 minutes  or longer - I’m not sure how long, just don’t go and burn yourself.

Once the wax has set, you can store it in a dry, cool place.  To apply, just rub your fingers into the wax till it warms up. Using small portions at a time, work it into the mustache.  Comb to style.  Go out and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive on your awesome mustache!

Where do you get your labels and containers?

jtmcdole (author)  zaida.sierra10 days ago
Bought my containers online, but I don't remember where.

I made my own label and just cut it out. It sticks to the lid with a little bit of the wax.
Thanks so much for this. You've inspired me to give this a try. (I'm using my own guess-recipe, however.) I have tried many different waxes and the price is obscene compared to the cost of ingredients.
Almost did you transfer the wax to tins from the double boiler?
jtmcdole (author)  george.graham.94214511 days ago
I put the tins on wax paper and poured with a glass pyrex. Easy to clean up with really hot water.
How tight is your wax hold?
OscarZ1 month ago

Where do you get the Bees Wax ???

I got mine at the Farmers market from the people who make their own honey, they also sell bees wax in a cube form. It was hella cheap too, only $1,50.

jtmcdole (author)  OscarZ1 month ago
I use to keep bees and know other beekeepers. You can order 1lb blocks on eBay.
btakacss3 months ago

i have found an old mint tin works good for a container. and you can find some cool ones out there

boogleboi10 months ago

Hiya, I have made this wax and it came out OK. When I use it, however, it doesn't seem to "smooth out" properly in my hands. There seems to be some flakey bits that stay pretty solid. Have I messed up the proportions do you think? I used roughly 50/50. Any advice?

jtmcdole (author)  boogleboi10 months ago

Do the flaky bits look like beeswax that might not have mixed well enough with the oil? If you imagine an ice cream scoop scraping off a thin layer of the sweet stuff; that's how I draw off my wax. It helps that I have it in a tin and I just use the lid to make small ribbons of wax that easily melt in my fingers.

BIC198211 months ago
thanks for the info now I can make my own in bulk for less. the store bought kind I get doesn't hold very well, it's more of a beard conditioning salve. going to experiment and add some essential oils...maybe cedar.
MoustacheWax12 months ago
I tried making this last night. Natural beeswax, 100% coconut oil, equal masses melted and (tried too cool slowly). The first time I tried it, it cool in a matter of minutes because I was only making a small amount, and was using an aluminum pie pan as the second level of my double boiler (so there was a very wide surface area exposed to the air). I think the rapid cooling caused the beeswax to separate a little from the coconut oil, as when I took some in my fingers there was a very thin oil with some harder parts (despite looking well mixed with solid in the pan). I reheated and tried to let it cool more slowly (turning down the heat on the double boiler to almost off and letting it cool with the double boiler). This resulted in a better mixed product, not so much separation. However, I'm still uncertain as to what final consistency/ tackiness I should be expecting. I'm very new to the moustache scene -- some of the tutorials for moustache styling show store-bought waxes rolling into a ball, soft, but able to hold a shape without sticking all over the fingers. The mix I made with the beeswax and coconut oil is too mushy and tacky to be able to roll into ball. Should I let it cool more slowly again, or add more beeswax, or is this the desired goal?
jtmcdole (author)  MoustacheWax12 months ago
I let mine cool on the counter after pouring it. The first run was in that little glass dish you see.. when I was happy with that I moved to the 2oz tins. The 50/50 split gave me a harder wax that I would scrape with my fingernail and then it would turn malleable in my fingers due to heat. I tried making another bath by changing the ratio to more coconut oil (I think 55/45 or 60/40) and it was much more tacky / easy to work with, but it didn't feel like it would hold all that well. I never experimented with more beeswax vs coconut oil because I still have so much left over from the last batch!
jtmcdole (author)  jtmcdole12 months ago
Actually, the tins I let cool on the counter, the glass cup I put in the fridge. I don't remember there being any difference in the final product.
Great. Thanks for your replies. I guess I should try pouring it off into a deeper container. Perhaps this will keep it from cooling too rapidly. The batch I let cool down over the double boiler had a better consistency, but pouring it into something else would be easier (and it's winter so maybe that's affecting how rapidly it's setting).
tstens1 year ago
This should jump to the Featured page in Movember.
bg_askins1 year ago
jtmcdole (author)  bg_askins1 year ago
Great project! It could use a really fun intro image to get some good click-throughs. Perhaps channel your inner Snidely Whiplash? :D
jtmcdole (author)  scoochmaroo1 year ago
Either that or Dali! My hair color is to light in color for an evil villain. I'll have to search around for something fun to put at the top.
I think even the close up shot you have here will do!
jtmcdole (author)  scoochmaroo1 year ago
Even better, I had a friend send me a concept poster and I then took it with a new photo + fonts + circular layout for labeling. Going to put them on 2oz tin cans for a charity auction (hopefully someone either likes mustache wax, or has a sense of humor).
That is awesome! I need friends like yours :D Well done, and I hope your auction goes well. You should post a forum topic here about it!