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When growing a righteous mustache (moustache for the non-American readers), a man must sooner or later come to grips that he must use some tools to tame the labium superius oris beast. Trimming and combing can help out, but for the truly virtuous mustache, pomade is what you seek. Due to the location of the mustache, care must be given to the type of ointments. One might consume small portions of the product and thus one of the non-pronounceable ingredients.

I’ve chosen to go the all natural route, with a very simple recipe with equal parts beeswax and coconut oil.  Beeswax melts at body temperature and coconut oil is very heat stable, slow to oxidize, and resistant to rancidity (which is good for storage).  Both of these ingredients are human consumable, so I’m not worried about eating with the wax in use.

For a small batch that should last a few weeks, I went with 1 oz (by weight) of each.  you will only need one tool; a double boiler (and I guess a scale).

1) Start by bringing 2” of water to a boil.
2) Add the beeswax and stir till its completely melted.  Be careful with this, aerosoled beeswax can ignite and possible explode, so go easy with the heat.
3) Add the coconut oil and stir till melted and completely mixed.
4) Pour into some heat resistant storage container (I chose a small Pyrex glass tray).
5) Let it cool down for 30 minutes  or longer - I’m not sure how long, just don’t go and burn yourself.

Once the wax has set, you can store it in a dry, cool place.  To apply, just rub your fingers into the wax till it warms up. Using small portions at a time, work it into the mustache.  Comb to style.  Go out and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive on your awesome mustache!


thezapman made it! (author)2015-10-16

made this and it works good. used 50/50 cocoa butter and beeswax. with a bit of homemade beard oil mixed in as well (20 drops in 4oz)

beeswax is a good price on amazon has cheap tins.

bornfree1979 (author)thezapman2017-01-10

Beard oil, how do you make that one?

jtmcdole (author)thezapman2015-10-16


thezapman (author)jtmcdole2015-10-16

thanks it turned out nice for a first try. smells like chocolate so that works out well. i might do a 60% wax next time to give more hold.

Oldtool52 (author)thezapman2016-03-21

made up this recipe and I'll tweek it a bit next do you tell if the "4lb brick of wax you've saved for just this recipe is actually beeswax or just some type of parifin wax"????? is there a test of some kind???

plus, is there any way of telling just how thick your brew is going to be while it's hot, in the pan?????

coombspd (author)Oldtool522016-06-23

Buying it from a reliable source and marking it so (with a date) is the best method for knowing. Apart from that, it should have a dark yellow tone(like the picture shown in this instructable) and smell slightly of honey when heated. Paraffin is normally white. I've been using this recipe and it's very good. The only thing I'd like to know is if there's any natural coloring that can be added for people with darker or red mustaches? It looks good on my blond/gray 'stache.

KenK106 (author)coombspd2017-01-05

I make tinted lip balm with a similar recipe...

Go to Walmart and buy the cheapest lipstick you can and shave a little into the double broiler.

DarleneC20 (author)Oldtool522016-05-03

One way to differentiate between beeswax and paraffin is the hardness of the wax. Beeswax is much harder than paraffin and is nearly impossible to stick a knife in, while paraffin is much easier and will more easily flake off. Beeswax will be more sticky on your knife.

Regarding telling how "thick" the brew will be, I don't know of a good way other than trial and error.

JonS49 (author)thezapman2015-12-10

I`ve found with a 60% wax base, it`s harder to melt..And leave your beard pretty stiff..

imarq24 (author)thezapman2015-10-16

What kind of cocco butter and beeswax did you use

thezapman (author)imarq242015-10-17

aura cacia pure cocoa
best nutrition shop amazon store for the beeswax.

both on amazon

A_Singh made it! (author)2016-11-21

I used 35g of Beeswax and 29g of coconut oil. It turned out very strongly waxy. It did not melt by rubbing between my fingers. Should I reheat the mixture and add more maybe 15g of coconut oil to it? It seems the mustache wax should be even less waxy e.g. 90% coconut oil and 10% wax.

TheLlama made it! (author)2016-11-03

So my version is 40% Bee's wax and 60% Coconut oil. I find it a bit easier to apply and still has enough hold for my moustache. For this trial, I used 1oz of wax and 1.5oz of Coconut oil. this gave me 2.5 oz. I used a scale to measure quantities.

TheLlama (author)TheLlama2016-11-03

I also don't use the double boiler method. If you use a very low heat setting and take your time, you won't have any problems. (I also grated the bee's wax for easier handling and faster melt times.)

TheAngryBeard (author)2016-05-09

Cocoa Butter absorbs better than Shea Butter. Shea gives it a "sheen' and makes the hairs look more vibrant. My Company has been making it for years. The wax will make it hard if your mix is above 55% wax so unless that is what you are trying to accomplish keep your wax mix below 55%

graysbeardcare (author)2015-05-10

Hey would you say 1 tsp of coconut oil is 1 once?

BillieW1 (author)graysbeardcare2016-04-19

Sorry, you asked this a long time ago (year ago), but no 1 tsp would not be 1 ounce. It would be approximately 2 TB (or 1/8 cup).

KristiK6 (author)2015-12-11

im sorry, bit stupid question i guess, but i have to ask anyway. did u put the beeswax into the water? no, right? just mixed beeswax and coconut oil together?

jtmcdole (author)KristiK62015-12-11

No, I only put the bowl over boiling water, this is what is known as a double-boiler. It heats up the wax evenly and safely.

BillieW1 (author)jtmcdole2016-04-19

I was actually going to comment that some people read, & make recipes exactly as they are written. They just get out the ingredients, and start doing what the instructions say, exactly as written, not really noticing until to late that some things are not meant to be done exactly that way.
(Such as,

1) Start by bringing 2” of water to a boil.

2) Add the beeswax and stir till its completely melted. Be careful with
this, aerosoled beeswax can ignite and possible explode, so go easy
with the heat.

3) Add the coconut oil and stir till melted and completely mixed.

I'm not meaning to be nit picky or sarcastic, just a friendly suggestion. :)

leetheguy made it! (author)2015-06-27

Works great! Thanks!

jtmcdole (author)leetheguy2015-10-17

Nice! I didn't think about using an altoids tin!

imarq24 (author)2015-10-16

What kind of beeswax should i use

jtmcdole (author)imarq242015-10-17

All natural. I just chipped off a little from my 16lb block that I own. They are fairly cheap, e.g. 1lb @ 12$ (first listing I found):

zaida.sierra (author)2014-11-09

Where do you get your labels and containers?

ChrisM107 (author)zaida.sierra2015-09-10

Container Store sells them individually for about a dollar each, if you don't want to buy in bulk. They also sell round sticker labels you can print from home.

leeraud (author)zaida.sierra2014-12-04

Try andIhave used Vistaprint with great success on various things. I believe they have gummed product labels which you can design online. I have leaves them for years and they are very reputable. Lee R

jtmcdole (author)zaida.sierra2014-11-09

Bought my containers online, but I don't remember where.

I made my own label and just cut it out. It sticks to the lid with a little bit of the wax.

DocWolfie (author)2015-08-04

Ive been using wax and cocoa butter or shea butter using close to the same portions. So far so good but ic got a bunch of tins that are only close. Usable but just close. One smells to,strong, one has no smell but would last several days im sure . Im trying your recipe now.

MartinS30 (author)2015-07-12

Since I am quite sensitive to strong fragrances, the mustache is located near the nose. So this could be a test for me, especially when most of the wax has a tendency to "stink"

drfrankm1228 (author)2015-07-07

RUI3EN (author)2015-04-24

Hi, I try to make this, and it work perfectly. But, when I apply it to my mustache, it leaves some white marks, any idea?

dustinsmith7 (author)RUI3EN2015-06-06

You need to rub a small amount between your pointer fingers to get it soft or totally melt it before you apply it to your mustache. Only use in small amounts, brush it in and keep adding until you're happy with the result. Search "How to apply mustache wax like a boss" on YouTube to see an informational video on applying correctly.

AF5W made it! (author)2015-03-21

Thanks for the instructable! Easy to follow and ends with a good stasch wax! I found beeswax tea candles at the local farmers market for 0.55 euro, mixed with 2.5 tablespoons of coconut oil. Fills an Altoids tin about a 1/4" from top - perfect!

OscarZ (author)2014-09-24

Where do you get the Bees Wax ???

Psuttonjr (author)OscarZ2015-03-16

Online is easiest, but your local farmers market is a good bet. I like honey with the wax in there, but it takes a bit of work to "clean" the wax.

david.tsanava (author)OscarZ2014-09-28

I got mine at the Farmers market from the people who make their own honey, they also sell bees wax in a cube form. It was hella cheap too, only $1,50.

jtmcdole (author)OscarZ2014-09-24

I use to keep bees and know other beekeepers. You can order 1lb blocks on eBay.

kykid (author)2015-01-04

What kind of beeswax can I use? Is Murray's 100 percent Australian beeswax okay?

Psuttonjr (author)kykid2015-03-16

Don't use Murray's for this, if you look at the fine print, I believe it says "made with" or something similar right around the 100% Australian Beeswax. If you take a look at the ingredients, it has petroleum jelly and other ingredients as well. It would probably be fine for your 'stache, most commercial waxes also contain those things, but for the purpose of this recipe, it's not actually pure Beeswax.

JanetS4 (author)2014-12-30

I made it! I will let you know how my handsome husband likes it, but all I know is that today I could barely kiss him... he was wearing an icky mustache wax.... now he will have one that I love! This recipe took 15 minutes to make, used locally grown beeswax from our summer farmer's market (Bees Brothers), and I added essential oils from Doterra: Peppermint, lavender, and orange! yummy! Thank you for the recipe!

jtmcdole (author)JanetS42014-12-31

Glad I could help! I have yet to experiment with essential oils, but I imagine that smells awesome.

josiahbounderby (author)2014-12-29

Hi! sorry but I haven't understand how much water you have to pour in the mix at first. 2" is two inches? Thank you very much!

jtmcdole (author)josiahbounderby2014-12-29

Do not add any water to the mix. The 2 inches of water is a part of the double boiler:

rionmv (author)2014-12-02

I followed this recipe and it came out great. I added a little essential oil to give it some aroma. I would like mine to have a little more hold so I think with my next batch I will try a 60:40 beeswax:coconut oil blend. I also bought some empty (unused) chap-stick type containers on ebay and I poured some of the wax in them. It makes it very easy to apply by rubbing it in to the hairs and then combing it through, and even if you didn't want to apply it that way, the tube of wax is very portable so you could keep one in your pocket or in your desk at work (like I do) in case of an emergency. Thanks for the instructable.

jtmcdole (author)rionmv2014-12-02

Nice! I didn't think about the chapstick containers. Let me know how the 60:40 works out.

01BMW325xiT (author)jtmcdole2014-12-10

I went to the dollar store and bought a four pack of small glue sticks. I emptied the glue sticks, cleaned them out and poured the wax right in the stick.

george.graham.942145 (author)2014-11-08

Thanks so much for this. You've inspired me to give this a try. (I'm using my own guess-recipe, however.) I have tried many different waxes and the price is obscene compared to the cost of ingredients.

Almost did you transfer the wax to tins from the double boiler?

I put the tins on wax paper and poured with a glass pyrex. Easy to clean up with really hot water.

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